A MEMORIAL was unveiled yesterday to Lena Zavaroni, the tragic singing star who died at the age of 35.

The monument - a verdigris bronze statue of a little girl sitting down, her skirt around her legs, and seven butterflies - was unveiled at the Discovery Centre in Rothesay, the singer's home town.

Alison Smith, fund co-ordinator for the memorial on the Isle of Bute, said: ''Some friends and I decided that a monument to Lena Zavaroni was needed in Rothesay. The unveiling today marks the culmination of two years' work.''

Zavaroni shot to fame at the age of 13 in the 1970s after appearing on Opportunity Knocks, the TV talent show. She had a string of hits including Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me and her own BBC TV series.

However, she was later dogged by anorexia, the slimmers' disease, which led to a chest infection which killed her in 1999.

Originally, it had been planned to commission a design by Andrew Wilson, a local sculptor.

It was expected to be unveiled as the centrepiece of a new tourist office on October 1, last year, the second anniversary of her death, but fund-raising for the memorial fell short of the (pounds) 3500 target.

Ms Smith carried on her efforts and eventually found the statue in a garden centre. It was unveiled yesterday by Victor, Lena's father, and Carla, her sister.