John Kevin Ashcroft, chairman and chief executive, Coloroll Group;

John Martin Bankier, lately controller, North Fylde Central Office,

Department of Social Security; Professor Laing Barden, director,

Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic; Col Robert Renny St John Barkshire, TD

DL, chairman, Territorial Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association

South East; Michael Bett, managing director, British Telecommunications

UK; Edward Charles Arden Bott, Chief Medical Officer, Metropolitan


John MacInnes Boyd, QPM, lately Chief Constable, Dumfries and Galloway

Constabulary; Albert Richard Brannon, OBE, HM Fire Service Inspectorate;

Kelvin Arthur Bray, OBE, managing director, Ruston Gas Turbines ,

General Electric Company, for services to export; Martin Richard

Fletcher Butlin, lately keeper, Historic British Collection, Tate

Gallery; Miss Antonia Susan Byatt, (Mrs Duffy), author; John Andrew

Caldecott, lately member, Board of Banking Supervision.

Arthur McLure Campbell, lately principal clerk of session and

justiciary, Scottish Office; Leslie Neville Chamberlain, chief

executive, British Nuclear Fuels; Stanley William Clarke, for political

and public service; Trevor Clay, lately general secretary, Royal College

of Nursing; Professor Charles Brian Cox, pro vice-chancellor, John

Edward Taylor Professor of English Literature, University of Manchester.

Robert Gammie Crawford, chairman, Highlands and Islands Airports; John

James Daniel, for political and public service; Ben Davies, chairman,

Sea Fish Industry Authority; Eurfil Rhys Davies, Professor of

Radiodiagnosis, University of Bristol, president, Royal College of

Radiologists; Michael Peter Davies, Radio communications Division,

Department of Trade and Industry.

Stanley Richard Dennison, chief executive, English China Clays; John

Desborough, OBE, for political service; John Richard Gray Drummond,

writer and broadcaster, for services to music and the arts; Henry John

Evans, chief executive and clerk, North Yorkshire County Council; Dudley

Henry Fisher, for services to industry; Rodney Arthur Fitch, chairman,

Fitch R S plc, design consultants.

Michael John Gambon, actor; John Eliot Gardiner, for services to

music; Gerald William Garside, lately director, National Audit Office;

David Godfrey, for services to the pharmaceutical industry; Howard James

Gould, Director of Laboratory, Harpenden, Ministry of Agriculture,

Fisheries and Food; Roy Aubrey Grantham, general secretary, Apex

Partnership; Peter Denham Griffiths, Professor of Biochemical Medicine,

University of Dundee; Angus McFarlane McLeod Grossart, chairman,

Scottish Investment Trust.

Geoffrey Noel Hague, OBE, chairman, North West Industrial Development

Board; Daniel Hannah, chairman, Warrington District Health Authority;

John Thackery Hanvey, for political service; Professor Bryan Desmond

Harrison, senior scientist, Scottish Crop Research Institute; David

Harrison, Vice Chancellor, University of Exeter; Miss Mary Charmian

Hartnoll, Director of Social Work, Grampian Regional Council; Professor

Raymond Hide, Chief Scientific Officer, Meteorological Office.

Anthony Jacklin, OBE, for services to golf; David George Jefferies,

deputy chairman, Electricity Council; Robert Brian Johnson, QPM DL,

Chief Constable, Lancashire Constabulary; Denis Edward Thomas Stuart

Keefe, assistant solicitor, HM Board of Customs and Excise; Juan Herbert

Kelly, for services to shipping; Roger Taylor Kingdon, chief executive,

Davy Corporation.

Richard Ingram Lindsell, chief executive, ICI Chemicals and Polymers;

John de Courcy Ling, for political service; Miss Felicity Ann Emwhyla

Lott, (Mrs Woolf), opera singer; Professor James Ephraim Lovelock, for

services to the study of the science and atmosphere; John Caldwell

MacFarlane, vice president, United Kingdom, Cummins Engine Company;

Denis Mack-Smith, for services to Italian Studies.

Professor John Matthews, director, Institute of Engineering Research,

Agricultural and Food Research Council; Professor William Duff McHardy,

lately director, Revised English Bible project; Neil William David

McIntosh, chief executive, Dumfries and Galloway Regional Council;

Christopher Wighton Moncrieff, chief political correspondent, The Press

Association; Kenneth Duncan Morrison, chairman and managing director,

William Morrison Supermarkets.

Commander Peter Humphrey Page, R.N. (Retd), lately chairman, Offshore

Petroleum Industry Training Board; Thomas Joseph Palmer, group chief

executive, Legal and General Group; Raymond Arthur Parsons, chairman,

Bowthorpe Holdings; Douglas Medcalf Paulin, OBE, lately chairman,

Eastern Health and Social Services Board, Northern Ireland; Gordon Terry

Pepper, director and senior adviser, Midland Montagu.

Laurence Edwin Peterken, General Manager, Greater Glasgow Health

Board; John Robert Purvis, for political service; Edward John Rayner,

lately controller, Europe Division, The British Council; William Gilbey

Reed, City Architect, Birmingham; Peter Anning Revell-Smith, The Chief

Commoner, Corporation of London; Brian Mansel Richards, chairman,

British Bio technology Group; Professor Michael Rosen, President,

College of Anaesthetists; Geoffrey Roger Sagar, Professor of

Agricultural Botany and Vice Principal, University College of Wales.

Norman Walter Shaw, lately president, Ulster Farmers' Union; Capt

Peter Jack Shaw, RN (Retd), general secretary, British Group, Inter

Parliamentary Union; Robin John Sheepshanks, DL, chairman, Standing

Conference of East Anglian Local Authorities; David Sackville Bruce

Simpson, chief executive, Civil Service Catering Organisation; Joseph

Smedley, Home Office; Brian Arthur Rymer Smith, assistant secretary,

Family Practitioner Services, Department of Health; Michael Roland

Steele-Bodger, for services to rugby union football.

David Rodney Sweetnam, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Middlesex and

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospitals; James Edward Teasdale, chairman,

Northumberland National Park Committee; Neville Edward Thurgood, for

political service; Professor Joseph Burney Trapp, director, Warburg

Institute, University of London.

Alan Frank Turberfield, staff inspector, schools, Department of

Education and Science; Lloyd Ramsay Turnbull, for services to the

community in Gwent; Alan George Turner, chairman and chief executive,

BPB Industries; Norman Arthur Ward-Jones, chairman, The Gaming Board for

Great Britain; Anthony Warrington, lately company secretary, Rolls

Royce; Robert Strachan Watt, chairman, Livingston New Town Development


Lady Ursula Maryrose Westbury, Superintendent in Chief, St John

Ambulance Brigade; Lawrence Bernard Westland, founder and executive

director, Music for Youth; David Thomas White, director of social work,

The National Children's Home; David Reeve Williams, for political and

public service; Anthony Evelyn Williamson, managing director, Hoover

(UK) plc, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan.

Professor John Kenneth Wing, lately director, Social Psychiatry Unit,

Medical Research Council; Lewis Wolpert, Professor of Anatomy and

Biology as Applied to Medicine, University College and Middlesex School

of Medicine; Ralph Woolf, chairman, Co-operative Development Agency;

Mohammed Mustafa Zuberi, deputy director of medical services, Health and

Safety Executive.