COLOURFUL councillor Billy Buchanan is quitting local politics. The man who helped make Bonnybridge a Mecca for UFO buffs will resign from Falkirk Council later this month.

Mr Buchanan, 47, yesterday blamed stress for his decision to bow out.

He said: ``It's been a heartbreaking decision. I have projects and commitments that I don't want to leave unfinished. Once they are complete, I will tender my resignation.''

He added: ``I have been suffering a lot from stress. I have sweated blood and tears for Bonnybridge. There's no blood left any more - only tears. Now, my health must come first.''

Mr Buchanan put his Stirlingshire village on the UFO world map when he demanded official inquiries into the strange sightings in the skies reported by local people.

Bonnybridge became the UFO capital of the UK as TV crews from throughout the world filmed documentaries probing reports of strange craft and lights over the area.

The councillor staged a series of UFO conferences which drew packed audiences to Falkirk Town Hall.

Mr Buchanan, an independent, has represented Bonnybridge on Falkirk District Council and Central Regional Council since 1992.

He was elected with a comfortable majority to the new Falkirk Council. His resignation means a by-election.