SCOTLAND ended their first European Promotions Cup campaign with victories in both classification matches to finish fifth overall in San Marino yesterday.

A convincing 67-37 win over Malta on Saturday, marked by a bright display from 18-year-old point guard Ross Szifris, was followed by a 77-71 win over Andorra, whom Scotland had already beaten in their group.

Victory in the tournament went to Austria, who just edged out Norway 54-52 in a thrilling final. The home country easily beat Wales 85-70 for third place.

For Scotlland, Stuart MacKay, the 19-year-old former Paisley junior, at last made his 6ft 11in presence felt with a performance of international potential. MacKay, who returns to college in the United States in August, took a huge total of 19 rebounds as well as scoring nine points that inc-luded a 66% field goal average.

However, it was David Conquer, the man that coach Allan Turner brought back from the international wilderness, who was Scotland's Player of the Tournament.

The 30-year-old Rutherglen policeman scored 16 more points yesterday and took six rebounds to add to the 16 he scored in Saturday's match, plus eight rebounds.

Captain Iain Maclean again made a valuable overall contribution and scored 19 points yesterday, including two three-pointers.

Scotland will now have to enter next year's European qualifying round if they want to compete in this small nations competition again, for only the bottom teams in the qualifying tournament can join the automatic entries at this level - Andorra, Gibraltar, Malta, and San Marino.

The top teams go up and on to the Challenge Round, while the middle teams stay in the wilderness.


Final - Austria 54, Norway 52; Play-off 3-4 - San Marino 85, Wales 70. Crossovers - Scotland 67, Malta 37; Andorra 85, Gibraltar 74; Austria 82, San Marino 72; Norway 113, Wales 85. Play-off 5-6 - Scotland 77, Andorra 71. Play-off 7-8 - Malta 93, Gibraltar 84.