Loch Lomond rugby club, who do great things for the game of rugby by promoting the sport in a non-rugby area, are to reprimand one of their players for racially abusing, and then assaulting, GHK back-row player George Oommen on the pitch in a game last Friday night at Old Anniesland. Oommen was verbally abused and then stood on by his opponent and had to leave the pitch for treatment to a blood wound.

''We acknowledge that what was done was wrong, and so does the player,'' said club captain Gordon Darroch. ''We will be writing a letter of reprimand to the player and a letter of apology to the club.''

This is a very sad day for rugby, with hostilities even spilling over after the game, as I understand that the player was himself body-checked by a GHK committee member and told he wasn't welcome in the bar after the game. His offer to buy Oommen a pint was refused. Oommen is said to have been embarrassed and upset at the incident.

I have written before about what comes out of your mouth in match situations, having done it myself, but the Loch Lomond player has to learn that what he would regard as ''normal'' intimidation strategies are unacceptable when race is used as a lever.

However, Loch Lomond's speedy action is to be applauded.

Things come in round about ways. I still keep in touch with Derek Rae, the once-upon-a-time anchorman on Radio Scotland, who is based in the US and who will be the media man at the World Cup in Japan and Korea.

A copy of an e-mail arrived from Derek, which had been sent to him by a friend of his, Adam Reid, who is a journalist in Brazil. It read: ''My former PE teacher at high school, Norrie McArthur, has been battling motor neurone disease for the last few years. Norrie was in employ in an admin post throughout this period and even helped set up The Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association. The school, Waid Academy in Fife, have now embarked on an ambitious project in aid of the charity. They wish to compile a book on Famous People's Sporting Memories. The idea is to approach famous people from all walks of life and find out what their favourite sporting memory is.'' Reid is speaking to Ronaldo and Zico in Brazil for their memories.

Norrie McArthur is a name well known in sporting circles, as he was a professional footballer with Berwick as well as various Highland League sides, and a handy rugby player and golfer, too.

I'll be contacting some celebs for their memories. I spoke to Norrie yesterday and if any out there are reading this, then please drop me a line at john.beattie@bbc.co.uk with your memories.

Rob Moffat has gone to the new Borders team, leaving Glasgow in the process, and all seems quiet on the backs coaching front here on the West coast. It seems strange that no replacement was announced immediately. Richie Dixon is to perform the backs coaching duties, as a former winger himself, but there you have it.

In the meantime I'll be watching the career progression of Andy Nicol carefully as he should really have been given the post. Mind you, Nicol was at pains to point out at the weekend that he has a playing contract at the moment, and it's hard to think of many player-coaches in rugby who have been successful.

Nicol would undoubtedly have to give up playing to become backs coach, but he seems the kind of intelligent bloke who could progress in the coaching ranks.

Speaking of the Borders, the whole of the region, including the players, is to be consulted over the name of the new team. Ex-Glasgow man Rob Moffat and chief coach Tony Gilbert are to be in charge of an as yet unnamed side with the old ''Reivers'' name well and truly done.

The understanding is that Galashiels is to be the new venue, and everyone knows that as Galashiels was the last town in the Borders to get inside toilets, occupants are still known as ''pale-merks''. Unlikely as a team name.

The Borders were at their most frightening without Edinburgh people in their team, and when they were merely ''The South of Scotland'', or ''The Borders''. Possible names we understand are the Border Bulls, or the South Stormers.

And finally there is a real stushie brewing in Stornoway, where the local rugby club is at odds with Strathspey rugby club as they vie for top slot in the league.

Stornoway were told to play a game against Strathspey, but couldn't because of the February weather, as the ferries weren't sailing. Strathspey claimed the points, as they had the right to do by the letter of the law.

You can't win a league because someone can't travel, and let's hope sense prevails for a rescheduled game. All the other clubs, after all, are to have their say.