FOR 44 years, the house on the hill at 6, Park Gardens in Glasgow's West End, has been the home of the SFA, its multitude of committees, its famous and infamous councillors, the place where the great, the good, and bad have marched up an imposing, intimidating stairway to receive their sentences from stern disciplinary officials.

Not any more, however. David Taylor, the successor to Jim Farry, Ernie Walker, Willie Allan, Sir George Graham et al, locked the door for the last time last week as he and his staff prepared to move into their new home at Hampden Park.

They will set foot in their new abode, Level Six at Hampden, today and, after due inspections have been completed by Glasgow Council officials, the boxes will be opened, the cabinet files and the drawers filled, phones activated, and pencils sharpened.

It has taken a lot longer than had been imagined when the revamped Hampden was given the all clear.

The ground reopened with the Old Firm cup final a year and half ago, but protracted delays over the financing of the stadium, which were only sorted out in last spring, meant that the removal vans had to be kept in the garage until now.

Once the SFA settles into its space, half of Level Six, the other flitters will make their move.

That will include the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football League, Juniors, Amateurs, and sundry others who will take up the rest of the space.

After that happens, it will mean that, for the first time, Scottish football authorities will be housed under the same roof. Unlike at Park Gardens, they will be able to park, too.