School closures in Glasgow have prompted parents to question the continued existence of the city's only all-girls state school, MSPs were told yesterday.

The closures have left local boys having to travel to secondary schools outside their area, Glasgow MSP Tommy Sheridan told the Equal Opportunities Committee.

Previously, the single-sex status of Notre Dame High School in the city's Dowanhill area had not been a problem. But Mr Sheridan told MSPs: ''Now schools have closed, male children are having to go outwith the area to attend secondary schools and parents are asking why Notre Dame's single-sex status is continuing.''

The committee deferred discussion until a later date.

Mr Sheridan said he had received about six letters from parents on the issue, and added: ''I don't think separating males and females from 12 to 16 or 17 is helpful. . . I haven't got a closed mind, but my opinion at present is to question the continued status of Notre Dame as a single sex school.''