The mother of a murdered 12-year-old boy was dragged from the Old Bailey yesterday after hurling missiles and abuse at a devil worshipper who had stalked and killed him.

Mrs Angeles Villar-Fernandez, with other family members, threw water, plastic containers and court files at Edward Crowley, 52, who had formed an intimate relationship with her son which ended in murder.

All were hustled from court by police and Crowley was taken back to the cells until the outburst was over. Judge Neil Denison said he would not have them back into court ''as there will, perhaps understandably, only be a repetition of this conduct''.

He went on to sentence Crowley, originally from Middlesbrough, but of no fixed address, who admitted killing Diego Piniero-Villar on May 7 last year, to life imprisonment.

The killer was a disciple of satanist Aleister Crowley who owned the infamous Boleskine House on Loch Ness-side - born Edward Crowley - and adopted both his name and demonic philosophy. A diagram found in his possession was headed ''D Piniero is to be destroyed'', in Latin. There were also diagrams relating to sacrifices.

Crowley, a loner, often visited Pheonix Gardens in central London, where he befriended Diego. Residents were concerned about him hanging around the boy and informed police.

Mrs Villar-Fernandez had repeatedly called police to tell them that her son was being stalked and harassed, and was petrified that something would happen to her ''precious angel''.

Crowley said their relationship became ''flirtatious but not sexual'' and although he was arrested three times, police found no evidence of any indecency.

He was finally charged with harassing the boy, who lived with his mother and her partner in Covent Garden, and remanded in custody for psychiatric assessment in December 1999. Although deemed dangerous, he was eventually released on bail.

Two months later, he stabbed Diego to death in a crazed attack.

The court was told that Diego believed Crowley was still in prison when he went out with his half-brother, Roberto, 15. But they were told by two locals that a man had been watching them.

They returned home and Diego picked up an emergency mobile phone he had been given by police before going out again.

He was joking about with it, pretending to order pizzas, when Roberto saw a man cross over and appear to punch Diego.

Roberto went to help his half-brother but felt a sharp pain and fell. Crowley ran back to Diego to carry on his frenzied attack, inflicting more than 30 stab wounds, one of which pierced the boy's heart. He was eventually overpowered and arrested.

Sentencing Crowley, Judge Denison said: ''Whether your own beliefs had anything to do with the obsession or the killing, I do not know. But you deliberately took the life of an innocent 12-year-old you had plainly harassed in the months before his death.''

Mrs Villar-Fernandez said police had not told her that Crowley was released on police bail, and added: ''I believe they did not do enough to protect my boy.''

Later, Commander David Smith said: ''The Metropolitan Police Service takes very seriously any allegations of crimes against children and will always investigate thoroughly.

''There is currently a review under way which will look at the handling of this incident by all the agencies to see if there are lessons to be learned.''

The Crown Prosecution Service said it would take part in the inquiry to ''review all of the circumstances of this case''.

A spokeswoman said: ''Diego's murder has raised questions about the handling of this case relating to the previous charges against Edward Crowley, and the fact that he was on bail when he attacked Diego.''