In the wake of last weekend's disastrous dress rehearsal against Munster, today's trip to Caerphilly could hardly be more dangerous for Glasgow Caledonian Reds.

The Welsh Rugby Union have told their clubs that two will

be relegated this season,

while none will be promoted, Caerphilly are, with Cross Keys, favourites to go down.

However, as their manager Gordon Pritchard observed yesterday, that has only increased the incentive for his squad.

''The WRU will have egg all over their faces if we can stay up and one of the better known clubs miss out.''

Former Newport player Mark Workman is among 11 newcomers that Pritchard has recruited over the summer.

Reds coach Richie Dixon has been able to bolster his squad, with the front five strengthened by the reintroduction of

internationals Gordon Bulloch, Dave Hilton and Gordon

McIlwham as well as lock

Stevie Griffiths.

In the backs, the solid

combination of Craig Chalmers and Ian Jardine in midfield should ensure that they are not as easily carved open as they were by the Irishmen.

Dixon has made it clear that, after last season's tests, he

will be fielding the strongest available side every week.

''Quite a number of those who faced Munster have to have a look at themselves.

''Before the season began I told everyone what was required and on Monday, I reinforced that message to those who didn't perform.

''Whatever the reason, it comes down to individuals.''

The side will be freshened up by the return of two youngsters who have had very busy

summers touring with both Scotland Under-21s in New Zealand and the Scottish

Students side, which finished third at their World Cup last weekend, Barry Irving and new recruit Jon Steel.

''I know both of them very well having had Barry here last season and worked with Jon when I coached the Scotland under-19 squad and, I wouldn't have asked them to play if I wasn't confident in them,'' Dixon pointed out.

''Both of them have played so many games in such a short time that they should be up to speed.''

In the back-row, Gordon's Simpson's lack of match fitness and the injury Donnie

Macfadyen suffered last week, gives Gareth Flockhart the chance to show what he can do.

Caerphilly - J Thomas; N Berbillion, R Boobyer, D Hawkins, S Marshall; L Richards, A Jacobs; C Fitzpatrick, J Hughes, M Wilson, M Workman, N Jones, B Watkins, G Jones, A Williams. Replacements - J Hooper, C John, N Watkins, N Strong, T

Carless, S Fonua, M Bolton.

Glasgow Caledonian Reds - B Irving; J Craig, R Shepherd (captain), I Jardine, J Steel; C Chalmers, G Beveridge; D Hilton, G Bulloch, G McIlwham, J White, S Griffiths, R Reid, G Flockhart, J Petrie. Replacements - W Anderson, G Scott, C Stewart, G

Simpson, F Stott, M McKenzie, J Stuart.