SHOWBIZ personality Ulrika Jonsson and her lover, Stan Collymore, were involved in a ''heated incident'' amid Scottish fans in a Paris bar, the footballer's agent confirmed last night, writes Chris Holme.

Witnesses, including a Scottish Television news reporter, claimed they saw Aston Villa's #7m striker hitting and kicking Ms Jonsson at a late-night party for Tartan Army fans at the Auld Alliance pub in the French capital.

In a statement, Mr Paul Stretford, Collymore's adviser and agent, said: ''Last night, my client Stan Collymore was involved in an altercation at the Auld Alliance Pub, Paris.

''It resulted from an argument that had developed throughout the day between Stan and Ulrika.

''The argument culminated in a heated incident within the confines of the pub. I have since been able to speak with Stan and he totally regrets everything that has occurred.

''He is beside himself with remorse and made it clear to me he apologised immediately and subsequently to Ulrika and wishes to make that apology public.''

Ms Jonsson arrived at the bar at around 11pm with Rangers' star Ally McCoist and comedian Fred MacAulay, said Scottish Television reporter Martin Geissler.

The pub was packed with Scottish fans and Ms Jonsson took refuge behind the bar to escape the crowds and began to pull pints.

About an hour later, Collymore arrived and, after fans threw a pint over him, he asked her to leave, the reporter said.

It was when she refused that the alleged attack took place, Mr Geissler claimed: ''She was lying on the ground screaming and bar staff then grabbed Collymore and threw him out. He was in a real rage but came back later to make the peace but left alone a short while later. Ulrika left 15 minutes later in a chauffeur-driven car.''

Barman Stephen Dixon said he had been shocked by the incident: ''I couldn't believe he would behave like that. We just grabbed him and got him out the door as quick as we could.''

Last night, Ms Jonsson's agent, Ms Melanie Cantor, said she was not commenting on the incident and had returned to England.

Collymore 27, was cleared by Cannock Magistrates in April of assaulting ex-girlfriend Michelle Green in a row over Christmas access to his son. Before the case, Ms Jonsson said she would stand by her boyfriend.

Later, Collymore issued a statement: ''Last night, I was involved in an altercation at the Auld Alliance pub in Paris. A stupid and silly argument had developed throughout the course of the day between myself and Ulrika, someone who I have realised for some time is very special to me.

''My actions were totally reprehensible, something I am not proud of and finding very difficult to come to terms with.

''In a fit of petulant temper, I struck out at the girl I love and immediately regretted my actions, but by then it was too late.

''I could hide behind a facade of excuses and no comments but petulance, jealousy, and possibly having too much to drink are the real reasons behind this regrettable and avoidable incident.

''Due to my actions, I now have to look long and hard in the mirror and assess the gravity of the situation as a public person.

''I have since spoken with Ulrika and apologised privately and now wish to make that apology public.

''I would also like to stress to the people that were present that I apologise for ruining what should have been a night of enjoyment and celebration.

''It has been put to me by the media that I was headbutted by someone in the bar. I confirm that this happened and would like to apologise to that person for causing him to feel that he had to take such action.

''I know as a high-profile couple we are deemed to be public property and therefore have to take the rough with the smooth. I have no doubt what the headline writers will make of - in their eyes - yet another indiscretion, however, I hope to be able to sort out this undignified mess with some semblance of dignity - in private - and with the person who matters most of all - Ulrika.''