AFTER having seen Shehallion and then reading Mary Brennan's crit, I came to the conclusion that she must be a sad person to have painted such an unbalanced and untrue picture of this lively and colourful show (October 11).

Who wouldn't enjoy the excellent dancing and lovely singing and music, the exciting battle scene executed by the Clan Wallace and friends cheered on by the audience? What about the snare drummers from Shotts - wonderful!

I felt this was a show for both young and old alike. It was great entertainment and I was sorry when it ended.

M Holland,

20 Middlemuir Road, Lenzie.

October 12.

I WONDER what happened at Shehallion to jaundice Mary Brennan sufficiently into producing such an unjustified and vitriolic review of a perfectly good show (October 11). While there were a few items that could bear comment, no-one should be put off by her ravings.

She could, of course, have, with justification, commented on National Car Parks' atrocious muddle with conflicting signs, etc, and perhaps the foyer arrangements in the venue. The Armadillo itself is a matter of individual taste.

Ian F Cochrane,

11 Upper Bridge Street,


October 12.

ON Sunday at Shehallion the show was enjoyable, the music good, the dancing energetic and pleasing to the eye, with the singing being the highlight of the evening. The ''libretto'' is as sensible as many of the operas seen in Glasgow over the last few years and no more doom-laden than some. Mary Brennan's acerbic comments were much harsher than the performance deserves. Perhaps she should pause occasionally to wipe the acid drop from the end of her pen.

A marketing opportunity was lost, I believe, by the management, who gave no age (young or old) concessions on prices for the Sunday evening performance, especially as this was the beginning of a school holiday. The attendance could have been considerably boosted by a more reasonable price structure. Good word-of-mouth advertisement is a great aset.

Trying to get a snack at the SECC before the shiw proved a difficult business. The only eating and sitting area outwith the restaurant (full meal service only) and the exhibition hall (entry fee required) offered a very limited choice and its floor area was rubbish-strewn. And this in Glasgow's showpiece.

F W Kean,

35 First Avenue, Netherlee, Glasgow.

October 14.