A devolved parliament could turn Scotland into a ''high-tax ghetto'', according to William Hague.

In an interview today on BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland, the Tory leader also insists that there is the chance that the referendum will result in a No vote, saying that opinion could move ''quite substantially'' during the campaign.

Mr Hague repeats a previous declaration that, if a Parliament is established, Con-

servatives will stand for election to it. But on the same programme Labour claims that this amounts to the Tories throwing in the towel, and Minister without Portfolio Peter Mandelson says: ''William Hague has given a tremendous boost to the (pro-devolution) campaign.''

Mr Hague warns that, if a Parliament is created, it could exist for some time, and says a future Tory goverment might hold a referendum to scrap it, if, as he expected, it proved a disaster.