Do I think a lot about what I eat? Not much. It depends a bit on what I've got on, like photo shoots. I don't diet. I have a big, healthy appetite. It's all about balance - if you exercise, you can eat what you want, within reason. I eat lots of vegetables and fruit, and I love meat: I eat what I want, but in moderation. I used to hate bananas - I didn't like the taste or texture - but when I was in China for the Miss International Beauty Pageant I had a banana and loved it.

If I were treating myself, I might have a nice big cake of some sort, though I really prefer savoury food. If someone offered me a chocolate gateau and a plate of spaghetti bolognese, I'd go for the spaghetti.

I do pay attention to health stories in the press. I make it my business to look at the reasons behind the latest advice. I've been very lucky with my health, though: I'm never ever ill, I never have colds, flu, tummy bugs, anything, touch wood. I don't take supplements, though I might take something during the panto. I'm pretty terrified of hospitals: the smell gets to me. I'm very lucky in never having had to have a check-up or an operation of any sort. Dentists I'm pretty scared of too. I have no fillings, and I think that's because I'm scared of going to the dentist.

I've been a dancer since I was six so I'm very conscious of fitness. I feel better in mind and body if I work out three or four times a week. I'm a dance teacher as well - I teach ballet and jazz and take part in tap and contemporary classes. At school, as well as dancing, I was on the running team, competing in cross country races, and I was on the netball team too, so I've grown up being aware of my health and fitness.

I have a busy life, but it's enjoyable. To relax, I have some coffee or tea, go for a swim and switch off; I take time to surround myself with family. I just do nothing. It's good for your health to do nothing now and again.

I never have trouble sleeping. I can sleep at any time. Going to bed late at night is not good, because you're either cutting your hours short or sleeping late in the morning and half the day's gone.

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