Star rating: **

IT was hard to suppress a wry smile when the Days singer Luke Simpkins reminisced about being 16. Simpkins and his three bandmates look so fresh-faced it would be easy to believe they're still just in their mid-teens, rather than their early 20s. Unfortunately, the group's easy-going pop was as prone to mediocrity as your average school disco.

With Simpkins playing piano, the Devon quartet seem set to be foisted upon the charts in a similar fashion to recent touring companions Scouting For Girls. No Ties crossed a Chelsea Dagger drumbeat with ELO's Mr Blue Sky and set an energetic tempo and the summery Never Give Up suggested the Kooks, if they gave up worrying about indie credibility and embraced their pop side.

Every movement from Simpkins or his bassist brother Dan was enough to spark screams from a crowd dominated by teenage girls. There were pleasant moments, but the Days have a way to go if they want to be anything more than a teenager's passing summer fancy.