Scottish graduates are among those highlighted in a new publication encouraging future scientists and engineers to pursue "ethical" careers.

Sustainability expert Elizabeth Martin and green-building guru Annie Brown, who both gained MScs at the University of Edinburgh's centre for environmental change, are featured as role models in the report by Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR).

Steve Dealler (pictured), whose book highlighted the way scientific advice was disregarded during the BSE crisis, also features. He trained in medical microbiology at Aberdeen University.

Stuart Parkinson, director of SGR, said a recent survey had found that 79per cent of students did not want to work for a company with a poor ethical record.

He added: "We hope the scientists featured will inspire readers to confront and act on such issues as they map out their own career paths."

Dealler said: "It is important that scientists make ethical concerns part of their career and speak out if officialdom fails to act to protect the public."

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