The two stars are for Grant Campbell, whose opening set showcased his new album, Beyond Below. Sounding like a melodically raspy cross between Springsteen and David Gray, his own tunes, like Annabelle and the upbeat Starting Line, paled rather in comparison to the blistering version of Lead Belly's Out on the Western Plain with which he closed the set.

Mindy Smith clearly has a couple of important lessons to learn. The main one would be that, if you are going to tout yourself as a professional musician, you had better know your songs, in what order they are supposed to be sung, in which tuning your guitar is supposed to be, what day of the week it is and, most importantly, which particular planet you happen to be on at the time. Smith gave the distinct impression that she could have ticked a box marked "none of the above". The majority of this was a litany of fluffed lines, dropped notes, abandoned songs - "Does anybody know the next line?" - and exiting punters. She rallied somewhat towards the merciful conclusion of this travesty by struggling through two or three complete songs but, by that time, I had ceased to care.