SCOTLAND'S first centre for entrepreneurial studies was hailed

yesterday as a project that would boost the country's economy.

The centre will open in October, as part of the business faculty at

the Glasgow Caledonian University. The university's partners in the

venture, Scottish Enterprise and Dunbartonshire Enterprise, are

providing a grant of #200,000.

Students will be taught by established Scottish entrepreneurs as well

as the faculty's lecturers, and will be sent on placements with

fledgling companies.

Mr David Pearson, director of enterprise development at Dunbartonshire

Enterprise, said that part of the task was to change young people's

attitudes towards starting new businesses.

A recent survey in Dunbartonshire had shown that the young saw

entrepreneurs as greedy, selfish, mean and cocky. Few of those surveyed

aspired to be an entrepreneur, and few believed they had what it took to

be one.

The head of the centre will be Professor Richard Weaver, who said an

entrepreneurial culture could best be developed through the education