WORK to transform that part of Celtic Park's terracings known as the

Jungle into an all-seated area will begin at the end of this season.

The renovation, which will provide 5000 seats at a cost of #400,000,

could signal the end of the premier-division side's hopes of moving to a

new all-seated stadium in Cambuslang, even though the club was still

insisting last night that plans to move to a new home remained very much


Celtic director Tom Grant, who is also stadium director, said seating

the Jungle should not be regarded as a weakening of the desire to move

to Cambuslang. He added that he and the other directors hoped to know in

a fortnight if their planning application for Cambuslang had met with


Transforming the Jungle into an all-seated area, he said, is a

necessary short-term measure but everyone else, including the majority

of the supporters, will see the loss of the area which traditionally has

housed the most fervent of the club's followers as further proof that

Celtic will be staying.

The fans have been waiting years for evidence that their club really

would be moving and although money has been committed to that end, few

outwith the boardroom or the offices of Superstadia, the company

commissioned to make a move possible, have been convinced. Costs of

building in Cambuslang have varied from #40m to #75m.