How do I send a letter to the editor?

The Herald:


Sunday Herald:


Evening Times:


How do I get in touch with The Diary ?

You can phone 0141 302 7055 or email


How do I contact the news desk?

The Herald:

Sunday Herald:


Evening Times:


How do I send video to the website team?


Evening Times:


I've got a story that needs investigated.  Who can I speak to in confidence ?

If you are a whistleblower, concerned taxpayer or have information that would make for a story about an individual or an organisation, please contact:


How do I contact an individual journalist?

Most of our staff can be contacted using the following convention:


How do I submit an image for The Herald's Picture of the Day?

Images can be sent to:





How can I find an article from the archive?

Our websites contain material going back to 1989 which can be accessed using these search facilities:


Herald and Sunday Herald:


Evening Times:


The complete archive of The Herald is held at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow:


The Mitchell

North Street

Glasgow G3 7DN

Phone: 0141 287 2999



How do I get copies of back issues ?

For copies up to nine months old please go to

For copies going back to 1900 please go to


How do I subscribe to the newspaper ?

For a postal subscription contact our Circulation Dept:

Newsquest (Herald and Times) Ltd

200 Renfield Street,


G2 3QB

Tel:0141 302 7300


See our current subscription rates

For an online subscription  go to  The Herald Digital


How can I buy a picture that was published in The Herald / Sunday Herald / Evening Times?

You can contact our photo sales team at: or go to our online photo sales service  


How do I place an ad in your publications?  

You should find everything you need here


I've got a technical problem or query who can I speak to ? 

You can get in touch with our support team at  


None of the above relates to my query.  What do I do ?

Email our customer services team at  


My query is urgent and I need to speak to somebody about it.

You can contact the Herald & Times Group on 0141 302 7000 and your call will be directed to the appropriate department