ALL new teachers should be required to pass tests in basic maths and

literacy before being allowed in the classroom, a report demanded


The right-wing Campaign for Real Education called for a shake-up of

teacher training colleges, which it claims are to blame for ''trendy''

teaching methods undermining standards.

The report, A Manifesto For Our Schools, said graduates should only

need to complete a year's practical experience in schools to qualify.

The demand came as Education Secretary Kenneth Clarke puts the final

touches to a review of teacher training which is expected to give

schools a greater role.

Today's report also called for a return to traditional teaching

styles, education vouchers to increase parental choice of schools, the

abolition of local education authorities and new courts for dissatisfied


Meanwhile, Mr Clarke said children aged nine and 10 should be streamed

according to ability.

Specialist teachers should be introduced to teach different subjects,

ending the system where one primary teacher takes their class for


''We have to address the question of teaching a nine subject

curriculum to nine and 10-year-olds, he said.

Mr Clarke underscored his determination to restore streaming to

secondary schools on Wednesday by announcing the return of different

GCSE exams for different abilities for pupils aged 16.

But National Association of Head Teachers' general secretary David

Hart, who recently argued for the introduction of streaming and

specialist teaching in primary schools, said Mr Clarke had only

addressed half the issue.

''Mr Clarke wants to have his cake and eat it because he is focusing

on ways of raising standards in primary schools without extra costs'',

he said.