TROUBLED radio station Scot FM yesterday announced a new line-up of

programmes which, it said, would turn around its fortunes.

Two presenters have been recruited -- Alison Craig from Radio Forth,

who will host two weekend shows, and Robin Galloway from NorthSound, who

takes over the weekday breakfast slot.

Mr Tom Hunter, the station's managing director, said that he had been

trying to sign up both of them for several months.

He acknowledged the station had made mistakes since its launch in

September last year, particularly with initial appointments of


Many of those involved in the station's early stages have departed

including Donnie Munro, Haig Gordon, Kaye Adams, Bruce Findlay, and

Margo MacDonald.

Mr Hunter said he was now confident that it could build on its base of

234,000 listeners to catch up Radio Clyde and overtake it within three


''This is a major turning point for us because we can now come out of

the trench bayonets fixed and go over the top.

''We have always been confident that our basic programme mix was right

but it has taken five months to find the right team to deliver it,'' he


Mr Hunter said the station would be launching a #100,000 promotional

campaign, largely through television adverts. He denied suggestions that

another founder-presenter Chris Mann was about to depart.