WARRENDER swimming pair Fraser Walker and Paul Latimer, who will both

represent Scotland at World Cup meets in Sweden and Germany next week,

shared 10 titles at yesterday's NatWest East of Scotland Open

Championships at Carnegie Baths, Dunfermline.

And Craig Miller, from Scotia, underlined his great potential with

victory in the 400 and 1500 metres free-style and also the 200m


In the women's events, British youth cap Kirsty Hope (City of Dundee)

claimed four gold medals, while local 14-year-old Fiona Campbell

underlined her promise with victory in the two breast-stroke events, as

well as the 200m individual medley. Winners:

Men: 200m butterfly: P Latimer (Warrender) 2:16.22; 200m freestyle:

Latimer 1:58.34; 1500m freestyle: C Miller (Scotia) 17.07.82; 200m

medley: F Walker (Warrender) 2:05.84; 200m backstroke: Miller 2:15.94;

100m breaststroke: Walker 1:06.77; 100m butterfly: Latimer 58.02; 800m

freestyle: I McIntyre (Renfrew District) 9:12.44; 100m backstroke:

Latimer 1:00.31; 200m breaststroke: Walker 2:30.69; 50m freestyle:

Walker 24.74; 400m medley: Latimer 4:39.94; 100m freestyle: Walker

53.18; 400m freestyle: Miller 4:13.83.

Women: 400m medley: J Williamson (Warrender) 5:19.72; 100m freestyle:

K Hope (City of Dundee) 59.93; 100m breaststroke: F Campbell (Carnegie)

1:13.68; 200m butterfly: L McLaren (Aquanauts Livingston) 2:26.09; 100m

butterfly: McLaren 1:07.13; 200m freestyle: K Lawson (City of Dundee)

2:09.68; 800m freestyle: Lawson 9:30.80; 50m freestyle: Hope 28.27;

1500m freestyle: C McIntyre (Livingston Aquanauts) 18.11.98; 200m

medley: Campbell 2:29.13; 200m backstroke: Hope 2:24.09; 200m

breaststroke: Campbell 2:43.80; 400m freestyle: Lawson 4:31.80; 100m

backstroke: Hope 1:06.39.