THE Scottish Rugby Union is delighted with the ''phenomenal'' success

of its Murrayfield debenture scheme, says chief executive Bill Hogg.

The take-up has reached #28.25m towards the full sale value of

#36.75m. The scheme is ahead of schedule and on course to reach the

target set for this financial year.

From the day the SRU launched the scheme in October, 1991, excellent

progress was made. A total of #24.5m had been subscribed by July, 1992,

when the SRU decided to embark on a more comprehensive redevelopment of

the West Stand, particularly in view of rigorous safety requirements

which would have applied to the original refurbishment.

The SRU board unanimously took the view that these changes would be

advantageous in the long term. The revised scheme increased the capacity

of the stadium by 2500.

Debenture holders have the right for not less than 50 years to buy a

ticket for their designated seat for all Scotland's games at Murrayfield

in the Five Nations Series and for any other event controlled by the


The debentures offered were:

A. Upper and lower tiers of the North and South stands at #1200 each.

B. Upper and lower tiers of the West and East stands at #2200 each.

C. Upper tier of the North and South Stands at #3500 each.

D. Upper tier of the West Stand at #9900 each.

The C and D debentures each give priority to buy a corporate

hospitality package, which includes a match ticket, programme, full

dining facilities, and, as available, parking.

The A debentures in the upper decks of the North and South Stands are

now sold out, with a number in the lower tiers still available.

All the Bs have gone, covering the whole East Stand and seats in the

upper and lower tiers of the West Stand. Some C debentures at #3500 in

the upper tiers of the North and South have still to go, but are showing


When the project is completed, Murrayfield will have a total seating

capacity of 67,500, of which 18,500 will be debenture seats.