Sir David (Wigley) Nickson, KBE DL chairman, Clydesdale Bank; Sir

Patrick (Richard Henry) Wright, GCMG former head of Her Majesty's

Diplomatic Service.


Peter Robert Cable Lloyd, MP for Fareham and Minister of State, Home

Office; Brian Stanley Mawhinney, MP for Peterborough and Minister of

State, Department of Health.


Professor Colin Murray Campbell, Vice-Chancellor, University of

Nottingham, for services to education; Professor Donald Campbell, CBE

president, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, for

services to medicine; Neil Cossons, OBE director, Science Museum, the

National Museum of Science and Industry; Professor David Evan Naunton

Davies, CBE lately vice-chancellor, Loughborough University of

Technology, for services to science and technology; Professor John

Huxtable Elliott, Regius Professor of Modern History, University of

Oxford, for services to history; Peter Derek Fry, MP for Wellingborough,

for political service; Roger Geoffrey Gibbs, chairman of governors,

Wellcome Trust, for charitable services; Archibald Gavin Hamilton, MP

for Epsom and Ewell, for political service.

Professor Edmund Happold, senior partner, Buro Happold Consulting

Engineers and former head of the School of Architecture and Building

Engineering, University of Bath, for services to engineering and

architecture; James Brown Highgate, CBE for political and public

service; Dr Donald Hamilton Irvine, CBE member, General Medical Council,

for services to medical standards and ethics; Derek George Jacobi, CBE

actor, for services to drama; Professor Alec John Jeffreys, Wolfson

Research Professor of the Royal Society, University of Leicester, for

services to science and technology; Professor John Lawrence Knill,

chairman, Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee and lately

chairman and chief executive, Natural Environment Research Council, for

services to science; William David Madel, MP for Bedfordshire South

West, for political service; John Peter Mason, CBE for political and

public service; Roger Albert Gartside Neville, VRD chief executive, Sun

Alliance Insurance Group, for services to the insurance industry.

Brian Gerald Pearse, chief executive, Midland Bank, for services to

banking; Michael Sydney Perry, CBE chairman, Unilever, for services to

industry and to export; Robert David Hillyer Scott, DL for services to

sport and to the community in Manchester; John Alfred Smith, QPM Deputy

Commissioner, Metropolitan Police, for services to the police; Professor

Colin Raymond William Spedding, CBE chairman, United Kingdom Register of

Organic Food Standards, chairman, Farm Animal Welfare Council and

chairman, Apple and Pear Research Council, for services to agriculture;

Angus Duncan Aeneas Stirling, Director General, the National Trust and

chairman, the Royal Opera House, for services to heritage and to the

arts; Alexander Stone, OBE for charitable services to the community in

Scotland; Dr William Hamilton Stubbs, chief executive, Further Education

Funding Council for England, for services to education.

Dr Richard Sykes, deputy chairman and chief executive, Glaxo Holdings,

for services to the pharmaceutical industry; Iain David Thomas Vallance,

chairman, British Telecommunications, for services to the

telecommunications industry; Kenneth Robin Warren, for political

service; Ian Clark Wood, CBE managing director, John Wood Group, for

services to Scottish public life and to the offshore oil industry; Dr

David Charles Miller Yardley, chairman, Commission for Local

Administration in England, for services to Local Government.




Sir Christopher (Walter) France, KCB Permanent Secretary, Ministry of




John Anthony Chilcot, CB Permanent Secretary, Northern Ireland Office;

Timothy Patrick Lankester, Permanent Secretary, Overseas Development



Anthony Charles Barrell, Health and Safety Executive; Christopher John

Scott Brearley, Department of the Environment; John Frazer Craig, Welsh

Office; Christopher Davy, Ministry of Defence; Andrew John Cumming

Edwards, Her Majesty's Treasury; Robert Norford Le Marechal, Deputy

Comptroller and Auditor General, National Audit Office; John Manthorpe,

Chief Land Registrar and Chief Executive, Her Majesty's Land Registry;

Dr John Francis McKenna, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and

Social Services, Northern Ireland Civil Service.

Anthony James Merifield, Cabinet Office; Dr Jeremy Stanley Metters,

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health; Gordon Murray,

director, Scottish Courts Administration; Augustine Thomas O'Donnell,

press secretary to the Prime Minister; Robert John Priddle, Department

of Trade and Industry; Dr Peter Ryder, Meteorological Office, Ministry

of Defence.





Sir Rodric Quentin Braithwaite, KCMG Foreign Policy Adviser to the

Prime Minister.


Dr John Henry Hemming, director, Royal Geographical Society; John

Michael Legge, Northen Ireland Office.

Diplomatic Service

and Overseas List


Emile Rudolph Gumbs, Chief Minister, Anguilla; Vassel Godfrey Johnson,

CBE for services to the community in the Cayman Islands.



Sir David Gillmore, KCMG Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign

and Commonwealth Office, and Head of Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service.


Miss Margaret Joan Anstee, lately United Nations Under-Secretary




Franklin Delow Berman, CMG Foreign and Commonwealth Office; David John

Edward Ratford, CMG CVO HM Ambassador, Oslo.


Edward Clay, British High Commissioner, Kampala; Robert Francis

Cornish, LVO Senior British Trade Commissioner, Hong Kong; Peter Douglas

Royston Davies, HM Consul-General and Director Trade Promotion, Toronto;

Richard John Smale Edis, HM Ambassador, Maputo; John Nicholas Elam,

Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Thomas Alun Evans, Foreign and

Commonwealth Office; David Patrick Robert Mackilligin, British High

Commissioner, Belmopan; Richard John Sutherland Muir, Foreign and

Commonwealth Office; Francis Neville Richards, CVO Minister, HM Embassy,

Moscow; Norman Bruce St Clair Scott, lately director, Economic

Commission for Europe, United Nations, Geneva.





Capt Edward Nicholas Canning Beaumont, CVO; John Robert Stratford

Dugdale; Simon Peter Edmund Cosmo William Towneley, JP.


Bernt Hugh Reinhardt Hudson-Davies; Lt Col Seymour Vivian

Gilbart-Denham; Robin Berry Janvrin; Vice-Admiral Sir David Anning

Loram, LVO; Lt Col Walter Hugh Malcolm Ross, OBE; Air Marshal Sir Roy

David Austen-Smith, KBE CB DFC.


Maj. Barrie Trevor Eastwood, MVO MBE; Miss Fiona Margaret Fletcher,

MVO; Lt Col Robert Hardie; Peter Dawson Hartley, MVO; Kevin John Selwyn

Knott; David Pitchford; Lt Col Ian Bruce Robertson; Mrs Prunella

Primrose Scarlett; Miss Valerie Jean Steele, OBE; Commander Roger Antony

Walker, Royal Navy (Retired).


Commander Robert William Fraser, Royal Navy; Mrs Annabelle Mary

Galletley; Chief Inspector Richard Frederick Griffin, Metropolitan

Police; Michael Ernest Harmer; Deputy County Fire And Emergency Planning

Officer David John Harper, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service; Mrs

Joanna Louise Houldsworth; William George Meldrum, RVM; Hugh Merrill;

Kenneth Roy Miller; Miss Laura Yolanda Thompson-Royds; Inspector Thomas

Ruttley, Metropolitan Police,.



Francis David Langhorne Astor, for public and charitable services;

Dame Janet Abbott Baker, DBE for services to the arts; Sir John Lindsay

Eric Smith, CBE for services to conservation and the heritage.





Miss Margaret Anne Brain, OBE lately president, Royal College of

Midwives, for services to midwifery; Miss Gladys Marea Hartman, CBE,

president, Amateur Athletic Association of England, for services to

sport, particularly athletics; Gillian Mary Millicent Lady Wagner, OBE

chairman, court of Governors, Thomas Coram Foundation, Member of

Council, Barnado's and President Volunteer Centre, for public services.


Dennis Stanley Aldridge, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue;

Anthony John Allen, lately chief executive, Berkshire County Council;

David Waldorf Astor, lately chairman, Council for the Protection of

Rural England; Dr Paul Adrian Auchmuty Back, for services to dam

engineering in developing countries; Peter Alan Charles Baldwin, chief

executive, Radio Authority, for services to broadcasting; Professor Iann

Marchant Barron, chairman, Division Group; Dr John Terence Bartlett,

deputy chief scientific officer, Ministry of Defence; Shirley Bassey,

singer, for services to music; Rodney Karl Batstone, Treasury

Solicitor's Department.

Dr John William Baynham, chairman, Lothian Health Board, for services

to health care; John Beale, lately Director of Education, West Glamorgan

County Council; John Bellany, artist, for services to art; Professor

Norman Montague Bleehen, Professor of Clinical Oncology and Head of

Department, University of Cambridge, for services to medicine; Peter

Bloomfield, for political service; Raymond Bradley, Central Veterinary

Laboratory Executive Agency; Alexander John Brownlie, chairman, BSW

Timber. for services to the Forestry Industry; Jack Bugge, Her Majesty's

Board of Customs and Excise.

Professor Derek Burke, Vice Chancellor, University of East Anglia;

Keith Bury, European Director, Wessex Waste Management; Miss Shirley

Patricia Carter, Central Statistical Office; William George Key Carter,

West Midlands Senior Partner, Price Waterhouse, for services to

accountancy and to the community in the West Midlands; Peter Graham

Corbett, Chief Financial Officer and Director, Eurotunnel, for services

to the transport industry; John Cecil Andrew Crawford, chairman,

Motherwell Bridge Holdings, for services to the engineering industry;

Maurice (Peter) Crichton, chairman, Irvine Development Corporation, for

charitable services in Glasgow and for services to the new town movement

in Scotland.

Edwin James Davies, for services to local government in Wales; Francis

Howard Vincent Davis, chairman, Specialist Refractory Services; Mrs

Sylvia Elaine Denham, for services to equal opportunities and to race

relations; Professor George Mackenzie Dunnet, OBE chairman, Salmon

Advisory Committee, for services to conservation; Stuart Grant

Errington, chairman, National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux;

Ian Trevor Field, lately secretary, British Medical Association, for

services to medicine; Patrick Fitzpatrick, chairman, Fitzpatrick, for

services to the engineering industry.

Professor Royston Miles Goode, OBE chairman, Pension Law Review

Committee; Mrs Monique Sylvaine Gray, (Her Honour Judge Viner, QC), for

services to the wages councils; Victor Greene, Office of Standards in

Education; John Francis Greetham, chairman, St James's University

Hospital NHS Trust, for services to health care; Professor John Charles

Gunn, Professor of Forensic Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, London,

for services to medicine; Professor Michael John Hamlin, Principal and

Vice Chancellor, University of Dundee, for services to education;

Christopher Hampson, executive director, Imperial Chemical Industries,

for services to environmental protection.

Roger John Harris, chairman, South West Industrial Development Board;

John Eastcott Hayzelden, chief executive, United Kingdom Passport

Agency; John Gore Hazelwood, chairman, Gloucestershire Training and

Enterprise Council, for services to training; Victor Hochhauser, concert

promoter, for services to the arts; Edward Robert Jobson, OBE national

chairman, The Royal British Legion; Howard Jones, President,

International Ostomy Association, for voluntary health care services;

Denis Lanigan, chairman, North America Advisory Group, for services to

overseas trade and to export.

Professor Alan James Leadbetter, director, Daresbury Laboratory,

Science and Engineering Research Council, for services to science; Dr

Ian Heaps Longworth, keeper, Department of Prehistoric and

Romano-British Antiquities, British Museum; Christopher Tullis Lucas,

director, Royal Society for the encouragement of arts, manufactures and

commerce (RSA); Richard Cornelius Maccormac, lately president, Royal

Institute of British Architects, for services to architecture; Mrs

Rosalind Jean Mackworth, Social Fund Commissioner for Great Britain and

for Northern Ireland; Hugh Ward Clannachan Macmillan, QPM Chief

Constable, Northern Constabulary, Scotland, for services to the police.

Sydney Mason, life president, Hammerson, for services to the arts;

Professor John David McClean, chairman, House of Laity, the General

Synod of the Church of England, for services to the Church of England;

Professor John Joseph McCutcheon, Professor of Actuarial Studies,

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, for services to the actuarial

profession; William Robert Meadows, DL for political and public service;

John William Melbourn, for services to banking; Graham Meldrum, QFSM

Chief Fire Officer, West Midlands Fire Service; Lt Cdr Brian Miles, RD

Director Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Raymond Geoffrey Monbiot, MBE for political and public service; Peter

Lawrence Morley, chairman, National Retail Training Council, for

services to training and to the retail industry; Timothy Denis Morris,

DL for services to the newspaper industry; William Garth Morrison, DL

Chief Scout, for services to Scouting; Gerald Brian Nelson, chairman,

Home Grown Cereals Authority, for services to agriculture; Adam Matthew

Neville, MC consultant and arbitrator, A and M Neville Engineering, for

services to science and technology; Albert Howard Pacey, QPM lately

Chief Constable, Gloucestershire Constabulary and Director General of

the National Criminal Intelligence Service.

Colin Stuart Paterson, managing director, Caledonian MacBrayne, for

services to shipping and to the Highlands and Islands; Jonathan Sidney

Peel, MC member, Norfolk County Council and Chairman, Broads Authority;

David Willoughby Pountney, lately Director of Productions, English

National Opera, for services to opera; Rosalind Helen Penrose (Lindy)

Price, Chairman, Powys Health Care NHS Trust, for services to health

care in Wales; George Terry Pryce, chairman, Horticulture Research

International, for services to agriculture; Dr Frederick William

Ratcliffe, University Librarian, University of Cambridge, for services

to librarianship.

Professor Alec Edward Reed, for charitable services; Douglas Reith,

QC, lately Deputy Social Security Commissioner, Lord Chancellor's

Department; Jack Morris Rosenthal, playwright, for services to drama;

Mrs Elaine Gemmell Ross, director, Women's Royal Voluntary Service,

Scotland; Francis Anthony Russell, for public services in the North

West; John Ernest Sellars, lately chief executive, Business and

Technology Education Council, for services to vocational education; Mrs

Margaret Helen Elizabeth Seward, president, British Dental Association,

for services to dentistry; Giles Richard Carless Shepard, managing

director, the Savoy Hotel,for services to tourism.

David Ward Simpson, for political service; Geoffrey John Skinner,

Department of Transport; Barry John Skipper, chief executive, Booker

Food Distribution Division, for services to the food industry; Charles

Mayfield Smith, managing director, Chevron (UK), for services to the oil

industry; Paul Smith, chairman, Paul Smith, for services to fashion

design; Arthur John Bosco Staveley, lately Grade 4, Property Services

Agency Services; Lt-Col John Robin Stephenson, OBE secretary, Marylebone

Cricket Club, for services to cricket; Professor John Little Stoddart,

lately research director, Institute of Grassland and Environmental

Research, Agricultural and Food Research Council, for services to

science; Ernest William Swanton, OBE for services to cricket; Samuel

Henry Torrens, director and chief executive, Northern Bank Group.

Robert Denton Udall, TD Scottish Office; Ivor Franklin Vaughan,

chairman and chief executive, Rearsby Automotive, for services to the

automotive components industry; Professor Martin Paterson Vessey,

professor of Social and Community Medicine, University of Oxford, for

services to medicine; Richard Herbert Stephen Wells, assistant

secretary, Department of Trade and Industry; Lord David Alan Bethell

Westbury, MC DL for services to the Order of St John; John Pix Weston,

chairman and managing director, British Aerospace Defence; Professor

Roger Whittenbury, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of

Warwick, for services to science; James Wiltshire, Department of

Employment; Professor Colin Young, OBE for services to film and

television training.




Kenneth John Aldred, lately Secretary General, Peace Through Nato;

Rodney Malcolm Aldridge, chairman and chief executive, the Capita Group,

for services to the computer services industry; Peter William Andrews,

Property Services Agency Services; Peter Frank Redvers Backaller,

president, European Builders' Confederation, for services to the

building industry; Professor Leslie William Barclay, Head of Research

and Radio Technology Group, Radiocommunications Agency; Professor David

James Bellamy, botanist, author and broadcaster, for services to

environmental protection and conservation; John Patrick Berkeley,

manager, Education and Careers, Rover Group, for services to the

employment of young people; Donald Kenneth Berrington, lately group

technical director, Westland Group, for services to the helicopter


David Alexander Blaikie, chairman, Boys' Club of Scotland, for

services to young people; Howard David Blake, composer, for services to

music; Jurat Peter Gilroy Blampied, president, Jersey Blind Society, for

services to the community in Jersey; Michael Anthony Bloomfield, for

political and public service; Mrs Jean Brewer, (Miss Irvine), chair,

Women into Information Technology Foundation; Colin David Brighton,

Department of Employment; Maj Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, founder and

director, the Project Trust, for services to education and to overseas


Alan John Brooke, for voluntary and charitable services to the

community in East Anglia; John Herbert Broom, DL chairman, Crosfield

House Residential Home, the Royal British Legion; Mrs Dinah Browne,

member, Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside, for

services to conservation; Richard Louis Brucciani, chairman, Pal

International, for services to the protective clothing industry; Michael

Bull, for services to the community in Tonbridge, Kent; Colin Burbage,

chairman, Post Office Board, Wales and the Marches; Dr Pauline Buzzing,

lately co-ordinator, Teacher Recruitment Initiatives, West Sussex County

Council, for services to education; Maj. Cyril James Caines, MBE TD vice

president, Tyne and Wear Branch, Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's

Families Association.

William James Cameron, director of operations and deputy chief

executive, Northern Ireland Housing Executive; Professor Roy Campbell,

chairman, Scottish Records Advisory Council; Ernest James Southwell

Cannings, Chief Probation Officer, Derbyshire Probation Service; John

Anthony Carter, chairman, Central Bureau for Educational Visits and

Exchanges, for services to education; James Hamish Clark, chairman,

North of Scotland Milk Marketing Board, for services to the dairy

industry; Andrew Woodbury Clarke, director, World Association of Nuclear

Operators, for services to the nuclear industry; Miss Kathleen Clarke,

TD QHS anaesthetist, British Red Cross Society, for services to

humanitarian relief.

Mrs Olive Clarke, MBE DL for services to the public and to the

community in Cumbria; Professor Roland Clift, Professor of Environmental

Technology and Director, Centre for Environmental Strategy, University

of Surrey, for services to science and technology; Professor David

Michael Conning, director-general, British Nutrition Foundation, for

services to nutrition education; John James Cooney, Her Majesty's Board

of Customs and Excise; Mrs Ursula Ann Constance Corsellis, for services

to the court interpreters training scheme and to public service

interpreter training; Mrs Dilys Eleri Cossey, lately chair, Family

Planning Association.

William Frank Cotton, city engineer and director of transportation,

Leeds City Council; Miss Elizabeth Ann Crowther, Director of Social

Services, Corporation of London; Horace Melvyn Crudge, Home Office;

Christopher Paul Davies, media consultant and journalist, for services

to disabled people; Evan Trevor Davies, chairman, Welsh Council of the

National Farmers' Union; Col Anthony Wilmer Davis, MBE Comptroller and

Secretary, Forces Help Society and Lord Roberts Workshops; Gerald Henry

Dean, for political and public service; Navnit Dholakia, Principal

Administration of Justice Officer, Commission for Racial Equality, for

services to race relations; Christopher Neil Diggines, Senior Legal

Assistant, Department of Social Security.

Terence Robert Diggins, Inland Revenue; Brian Divers, managing

director, UIE Scotland, Clydebank, for services to the offshore

construction industry; Peter Sidney Dodson, MBE for political service;

Miss Margaret Elizabeth Douglas, lately chief political adviser, British

Broadcasting Corporation, for services to broadcasting; Edward Arthur

James Duller, editor, Oxford Mail, for services to journalism; John

Ernest Dunford, head, Durham Johnston Comprehensive School, Durham, for

services to education; Peter Bertram Ediss, Department of Health; John

Aynsley Edmundson, secretary, Joint Council for the General Certificate

of Secondary Education.

Maj. Alan John Edwards, (rtd), Ministry of Defence; Philip John

Edwards, Department of Education; Robert John Eglen, Her Majesty's Board

of Inland Revenue; Philip John Elliott, chairman, Advisory Committee on

Justices of the Peace, West Bromwich; Michael Francis Emberton, for

political and public service; William Walker Emerson, member, Hartlepool

Borough Council, for services to local government; Reg Empey, Lord Mayor

of Belfast, for services to local government in Northern Ireland;

William John English, director of finance, Glasgow District Council, for

services to local government; Randall Evans Enoch, headteacher, St

Margaret's Church of England High School, Liverpool.

John Edward Everard, deputy surveyor, Forest of Dean, Forestry

Commission; Edwin George Everett, Department of the Environment; David

Christopher Fildes, for services to financial journalism; Hugh Findlay,

Regional Sheriff Clerk, Scottish Court Service; Mrs Edwina Fletcher, Her

Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; Brian Howard Forster, Clerk to the

Justices, East Gwent; Lt Col George Forty, (Rtd.), lately curatorial

officer, The Tank Museum; Ian Lovat Fraser, chairman, Scottish

Examination Board, for services to education; Dr Ray Gambell, secretary,

International Whaling Commission, for services to whale biology; Alan

William Gayton, chairman, Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace,


Cyril Gerber, for services to the arts in Scotland; Frank Gibson,

member, Gravesham Borough and Kent County Councils; John Walter Gollop,

Ministry of Defence; Adam Gray, farmer, for services to agriculture in

Scotland; Michael Maxwell Gray, chairman and managing director, McQueen,

for services to industry and to public life in the Borders; Peter

Anthony Greene, honorary chairman, Research Trust for Metabolic Diseases

in Children, for charitable services; Maj William John Martin Greener,

chairman, Dorset Respite and Hospice Trust, for services to the

community in Dorset; John Aled Griffiths, member, EC Commission Poultry

Advisory Committee.

Erich Gruenberg, violinist, for services to music; Peter Moir Guthrie,

partner, Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick and Partners, for services in the

provision of engineers in disaster relief; Christopher John Hampson,

headteacher, St James's Church of England School, Bolton; Dr John Fagen

Handley, executive director, the Groundwork Trust, St Helens Knowsley

and Sefton, for services to urban regeneration; Norman Harry Harding,

lately member, Common Council, Corporation of London, for services to

the Corporation of London; Geoffrey Harrington, research director, Meat

and Livestock Commission.

Mrs Romaine Jennifer Hart, managing director, Bloom Theatres (Mainline

Pictures), for services to the film industry; Andrew Gavin Hastings, for

services to Rugby Union Football; Walter James Hedley, principal,

Inverness College, for services to education; Graham John Hendry,

Ministry of Defence; Peter Brian Hetherington, deputy secretary general,

Association of Commonwealth Universities; Ronald Price Hickman, for

services to industrial innovation; Alan Higgins, Her Majesty's Inspector

of Schools, Welsh Office; Patrick William Gwynne Hodges, principal

valuer, Valuation Office Agency; William Hogg, Home Office; Howard

Morgan Holmes, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; John Howard, Crown

Prosecution Service.

Mrs Rosalind Patricia-Anne Howells, vice chair, London Voluntary

Service Council; Brian John Howes, president, Kimberly Clark's Service

and Industrial Sector, for services to the paper products industry; Dr

John Neville Phillips Hughes, chairman, Professional Care Committee,

Holme Tower Marie Curie Hospice, Penarth, Wales; Mrs Sheila Kathleen

Hunter Jones, chairman, Essex Branch, Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's

Families Association; Ronnie Huntington, Director of Engineering and

Operations, Wessex Water; Terence Ingham, Principal Inspector of Nuclear

Installations, Health and Safety Executive; Alexander Lindsay Ingram,

Procurator Fiscal, Scottish Crown Office; Norman Nathaniel Jacobs, ERD

for services to sport; Alan Jefferson, international marketing director,

British Tourist Authority.

Derek John Johnson, director of Iran operations, International

Military Services. for services to the defence industry; Maurice Victor

Johnson, Chief Fire Officer, Oxfordshire Fire Service; Barrie Colin

Johnston, Honorary Financial Adviser, Royal Marines; Professor George

Weir Johnston, Honorary Professor of Surgery, Queen's University,

Belfast and Senior Consultant General Surgery, Royal Victoria Hospital,

Belfast, for services to medicine; Ifan Glyn Jones, headteacher, Ysgol Y

Gogarth, Llandudno, for services to special education in Wales; Dr Ann

Kendall, UK Director, the Cusichaca Trust, for services to agricultural

development in Peru; Frederick Joseph Kenny, assistant regional general

manager, Trent Regional Health Authority, for services to health care.

Dr John Edward Arthur Kenrick, chairman, Gwynedd Family Health Service

Authority, for services to health care; Ian Eric King, secretary and

legal director to the London Transport Board, for services to transport

in London; Oliver Wissler Kingdon, DFC for political and public service;

Professor Eva Maria Kohner, Professor of Medical Ophthalmology,

Hammersmith Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London; John Richard

Lacey, lately professional and technology superintending grade, Ministry

of Defence; Lionel Shaun Lambourne, Head of Paintings, Victoria and

Albert Museum; The Reverend John Ernest Lane, director and secretary, St

Mungo Association, for services to the homeless in London.

Robert Peter Laurie, DL for services to the community in Essex; Philip

Andrew Laven, controller engineering policy, BBC, for services to

broadcasting engineering; Dr Colin Lea, National Physical Laboratory,

Department of Trade and Industry; Roger Leadbeter, chief executive,

Blaenau Gwent Borough Council, for services to local government in

Wales; Nigel Haywood Wilton Lee, for political service; Edward Leigh,

Cabinet Office.

Hugh Robert Lemmon, Foreign and Commonwealth Office; Arthur Gordon

Lishman, for political service; Thomas Baden Llewellyn, chairman,

Econofreight Heavy Transport and member, Road Haulage Association

National Council, for services to road transport; Nathaniel Lofthouse,

for services to Association Football; John Luke, Her Majesty's Board of

Customs and Excise; Ernest Lusty, principal engineer, Police Authority

for Northern Ireland; Hamish John Mackenzie, for political service;

David Laurence Magor, assistant city treasurer, Oxford City Council, for

services to local government.

Miss Chrissie Maher, founder member and director, Plain English

Campaign; Miss Kathleen Phyllis Makin, Ministry of Defence; Dr. Douglas

Cunningham Malcolm, convener, School of Forestry, Institute of Ecology

and Resource Management, University of Edinburgh, for services to the

forestry industry; Roger Manley, fair trading and advice officer,

Cheshire County Council, for services to consumer protection; Gerald

Cyril Manning, chairman, National Association Flood Defence Committees

and chairman, South West Regional Flood Defence Committee, National

Rivers Authority, for services to flood defence in the South West.

Dr Simon Nicholas Mardel, doctor, World Health Organisation, for

humanitarian services in the former Yugoslavia; Dr John Marks, lately

member, Schools Examination and Assessment Council and former member,

National Curriculum Council, for services to education; Mrs Evelyn

Fairfax Martin, member, Women's National Commission, for services to

women's issues; Mrs Uryth Mathers, life vice-president, Royal British

Legion, Scotland (Women's Section); John Eric Maund, deputy managing

director, Yamazaki Machine Tools UK; Ian Andrew McFadden, for services

to the fish processing industry.

Francis McMath McGill, chairman, McGill's Bus Service, for services to

the bus industry; The Rev. William Henry McLaren, for services to the

Church of England Guild of Vergers; James McMillan, managing director,

Consafe Engineering (UK); John Millar, chairman, Livestock Marketing

Commission for Northern Ireland, for services to agriculture in Northern

Ireland; Mrs Nanette Lilian Margaret Milne, for political and public

service; Edward Mitchell, QPM lately acting assistant commissioner,

Metropolitan Police.

Mrs Hazel Joy Moate, (Miss Skinner), Department of Transport; George

Moore, for services to the public and to the community in South

Yorkshire; Mrs Edith Morgan, honorary founder of European Regional

Council, World Federation for Mental Health; The Rev. Robert Harman

Morgan, for services to the community in South Glamorgan; Professor

Peter Mortimore, deputy director, Institute of Education, University of


Noel Richard David Mulligan, chairman, Southern Education and Library

Board, Northern Ireland; Professor Kenneth Albert Munday, vice-chairman,

Dorset Health Authority, for services to health care; Dr Gerard Thomas

Murray, Principal Scientific Officer, Northern Ireland Office; Mrs

Valerie Ann Nelson, for political service; Thomas Nicholson, managing

director (operations) British Aerospace Corporate Jets; Miss Edith Mary

Pargeter, BEM writer, for services to literature; Robert Griffiths

Parry, president, Farmers' Union of Wales.

Edward Howell Perkins, for services to agriculture in Wales; David

Alexander Peters, general manager, Borders Health Board, for services to

health care; Kenneth Edwin John Peters, lately chief executive, National

Federation of Retail Newsagents, for services to the welfare of

newsagents; Donald Pleasence, actor, for services to drama; John

Porteous, for services to the Royal Mint; Robert James Potter,

architect, for services to the restoration of historic buildings; Dr

Robert James Price, president, British Sports Association for the

Disabled, for services to sport for the disabled; Julian Hickman

Proctor, chairman, Sugar Beet Research and Education Committee, for

services to agriculture.

Martin Richard Quirk, chief engineering designer, Vosper Thornycroft

(UK), for services to the defence industry; Miss Margaret Querida Rees,

Department of the Environment; Hector William Robbie, deputy firemaster,

Strathclyde Fire Brigade; Andrew Ogilvie Robertson, secretary and

treasurer, Clydeside Federation of Community Based Housing Associations,

for legal services to the local housing movement; David Stewart

Robinson, lately chairman, Drainage Council, for services to agriculture

in Northern Ireland; Mrs Pamela Rogers, Department of Social Security.

Mrs Margaret Frances Rook, chief nurse and director of quality,

Airedale General Hospital, Yorkshire; Mrs Rosemary Anne Gravely

Sanders-Rose, for political and public service; Mrs Jackie Rosenfeld,

for charitable services to the arts; Richard Alan Rosling, special

adviser to the Prime Minister; Alexander J Russell, TD member, Highland

Regional Council, for services to local government and to the community

in Newtonmore, Inverness-shire; Brig Henry Lionel Broome Salmon,

chairman, Oxfordshire Branch, Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families

Association; Mrs Janice Saunders, Department of Employment; Jack

Schofield, president, Manchester North Valuation Tribunal; Douglas

Andrew Montagu Douglas Scott, Chief Executive, Cancer Relief Macmillan


Dr Kenneth Scott, GP, Beckenham, Kent, for services to medicine; The

Reverend Thomas Hardy Scott, for services to cancer care in Scotland;

John Sharp, lately chairman, Independent Schools Joint Council.

Accreditation, Review and Consultancy Service, for services to

education; The Very Rev. Jack Shearer, Dean of Belfast, for services to

the community in Northern Ireland; Paul Douglas Sherlock, technical

adviser (Emergencies), Oxfam, for services to humanitarian relief; Miss

Joan Elizabeth Shields, for services to education for deaf-blind


Rajkumar Sanayaima Singh, Consultant Otolaryngologist, Ayrshire and

Arran Health Board, for services to Medicine; Miss Valerie Singleton,

for services to broadcasting; Geoffrey Sleightholme, Office for

Standards in Education; Miss Sue Slipman, director, National Council for

One Parent Families; Barrie Edwin Smith, for services to city

regeneration and to industrial development in Sheffield; Mrs Barbara

Mary Dimond Smith, for services to the wages councils; David Bruce

Boyter Smith, director and chief executive, Dunfermline Building

Society, for services to housing and to public life in Scotland; David

Michael Smith, for political service.

Michael Basil Smith, lately headteacher, Filton High School, Bristol,

for services to education; Ronald Francis Smith, Ministry of Defence;

Miss Karen Smithies, for services to ladies' cricket; Professor Paul

Samuel John Spencer, head, Welsh School of Pharmacy and former Dean,

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, University of Wales, Cardiff, for

services to science; Mrs Patricia Forrest Stevenson, chairman, Tayside

Children's Panel Advisory Committee, for services to young people; Mrs

Gwenda Margaret Etheridge Stewart, for services to the community in

Cheshire; Noel Stewart, Regional Partner in Charge (Northern Ireland)

Coopers and Lybrand, for services to business in Northern Ireland.

Michael John Storey, for political and public service; Robert Hardiman

Graham Suggett, principal, Warwickshire College of Agriculture; Mrs

Joyce Swepston, chair, Board of Visitors, Her Majesty's Prison Woodhill,

for services to prison visiting; Jimmy Tarbuck, for charitable services;

David Heathcote Tatham, Group Trade Mark Agent, ICI, for services to

industry; Mrs Jean Taylor, for political and public service; Dr John

Michael Taylor, director, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Europe, for

services to the computing industry.

Barry Tester, commercial director, Insulating Components and

Materials. For services to the defence industry; Gilbert Stanley Thomas,

founder of Peter Savoury Products, for business and charitable services

in Wales; Hedley Saunders Thomas, director, PW Management Consultancy

Services, for services to management consultancy; Miss Patricia

Thompson, Department of Economic Development, Northern Ireland Civil

Service; Doctor Patricia Anne Tippett, director, Blood Group Unit,

Medical Research Council, London, for services to science; Sam Toy,

chairman, UK 2000 Scotland, for services to conservation.

William James Tyson, director of planning and promotion, Greater

Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, for services to transport in

Manchester; Eric Arthur Waldron, chairman, Advisory Committee on

Justices of the Peace, Southampton; William Heap Walmsley, Department of

Health; The Very Rev. Rhys Derrick Chamberlain Walters, for services to

the community in Liverpool; Mrs Patricia Maud Warren, for political

service; Capt John James Watson, chairman, British Ports Association,

for services to the ports industry.

Mrs Pamela Waugh, Lord Chancellor's Department; Peter Abraham

Weidenbaum, founder and member, Bolton and Bury Training and Enterprise

Council, for services to training; Alan Roy Wells, director, Adult

Literacy and Basic Skills Unit, for services to adult literacy; David

Edgar White, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue; Francis John

Whitworth, lately chairman, Merchant Navy Officers' Pension Fund

Trustees; Dr Peter David Wickens, director and board member, Nissan

Motor Manufacturing (UK), for services to the motor industry.

Geoffrey Stuart Wiggins, lately veterinary officer, Corporation of

London, for services to veterinary medicine and to public health; Neil

Keith Wilkie, headmaster, Gairloch High School, Ross-shire, for services

to education; Mrs Gladys Joan Wilkinson, chairman, Board of Visitors and

Local Review Committee, Her Majesty's Young Offenders Institution,

Dover, for services to prison board of visitors; John Alan Williams,

vice-chairman, Royal Automobile Club, for services to motoring.

Wyn Rees Williams, principal, Hereward College of Further Education,

Coventry, for services to education; Professor Mark Herbert Williamson,

member, Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment; Alexander

Wilson, lately director, National Museum of Wales, for services to the

cultural heritage of Wales; David Wynne, sculptor, for services to

sculpture; Dr Ronald Zeegen, consultant physician in general medicine,

Westminster Hospital, London.




Anthony Terrence Acton, executive, Royal Mail Midlands Division, the

Post Office, and for services to children's charities and hospitals in

Birmingham; Miss Phyllis Madeleine Denison (Eleine) Adam, for services

to charitable organisations; Seamus Francis Adams, caretaker, University

of Ulster, Coleraine; John Affleck, for services to the Leonard Cheshire

Foundation; Mrs Margaret Alexander, for services to the Eastwood Women's

Royal Voluntary Service; Patrick Watson Allen, for political service;

Mrs Eva Anderson, for services to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund

Shop, Nottingham.

Mrs Margaret Theresa (Marie) Annett, caretaker, Lyric Players Theatre,

Belfast; Miss Moira Applegate, personal secretary, Health and Safety

Executive; Mrs Jean Roberts Arm, chairman, Friends of Halton Hospital,

Middlesex; Norman Armstrong, print executive and deputy director, Her

Majesty's Stationery Office; Mrs Margaret Monie Paton Arnold, for

services to the Arthritis and Rheumatism Council, St Albans; Vere Hugo

Cholmondeley Arnold, breeding and research director, British United

Turkeys, for services to the turkey industry; Mrs Betty Ann Aston,

Administrative Officer, Metropolitan Police.

Derek Atkins, lately Clerk of Works, The All England Lawn Tennis and

Croquet Club, Wimbledon; Ernest Auty, secretary, Wakefield and District

Branch. the Royal British Legion; Mrs Eileen Bailey, for services to

nursing in Mid Glamorgan; Mrs Annie Baird, for services to the St.

Andrew's Ambulance Association; Ian Baker, sector officer, Tamar Sector,

Her Majesty's Coastguard; Miss Dorothy Faith Baldock, Special Constable,

Metropolitan Police; Joseph Gordon Balme, TD, principal engineer, Sir

William Halcrow and Partners, for services to road transport; Nityananda

Banerji, senior research officer, Department of Employment.

John Robert Barnard, constable, Cleveland, Constabulary; Arthur John

Barrow, TD president, Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences, for

services to health in Wales; Mrs Irene Gladys Barsby, lately higher

executive officer, Ministry of Defence; Thomas Charles Barton, lately

senior executive officer, Lord Chancellor's Department; Mrs Veronica

Agnes Bass, administrative and clerical officer, North Devon District

Hospital, for services to health care; Avery Albert James Beal,

volunteer observer, Meteorological Office; John Harvey Beaton, chairman

and managing director, Kolfor Plant, for services to the oil industry.

Mrs Betty Rebecca Bell, for services to the community in Havant,

Hampshire; James Walter Bell, courtkeeper, Lord Chancellor's Department;

Mrs Isobel Bennett, for voluntary services to the community in Belfast;

Miss May Dorothy Berry, for services to the community in Bognor Regis,

Sussex; Roger Bexon, technical support manager, Midlands Group, British

Coal Corporation, for services to the community in Nottinghamshire; Mrs

Margaret Georgina Biggs, district dental health promotion officer,

Oxfordshire Health Authority.

Mrs Marie Frances Ann Birch, senior nursing officer, Wellcome

Foundation; Richard Bird, senior generator operator and lighting

technician, for services to broadcasting; John Blackbourn, industrial

grade labourer, Her Majesty's Prison Gartree; Mrs Rosemary Blackman, for

services to the community in Slindon, Sussex; David Hartley Bland,

senior executive officer, Department of Health; Mrs Dorothy Patricia

Blandford, for services to the Gloucestershire Blood Donor Service.

British Red Cross Society; Julian Hurcombe-Blight, Chief Commandant,

City of London Special Constabulary; Mrs Susan Marie Blyth,

administrative officer, Chemical and Biological Establishment, Ministry

of Defence.

David Kennedy Boag, for political service; Miss Theodora Boatemah,

project director, Angell Town Community Project, Brixton; Thomas Ashley

Cunningham-Boothe, for services to the British Korean veteran's

Association; Raymond Joseph George Bound, skilled tradesman, Dorset

County Council; Robert Gilbert Bourne, lately skilled turner, Atomic

Weapons Establishment, Cardiff; Miss Christine Frances Bowker, executive

officer, Home Office; Richard David Bradford, member, Torridge District

Council; Robert Kevin Brady, chairman, housing committee, Middlesbrough


Mrs Violet Brand, Adult Literacy Tutor Trainer, for services to adult

literacy; Mrs Margaret Joy Brannen, for services to the Tynedale

District Division, Northumberland Branch, Soldiers', Sailors' and

Airmen's Families Association; Mrs Maria Brennan, manager, Meadow House

Hospice, Ealing Hospital; Harry Henry Thomas Brind, for services to

cricket and to groundsmanship; Miss Anna Briody, rector's secretary,

Holy Cross High School, Hamilton, for services to education; Graham

Malcolm Brooks, for services to journalism; Mrs Gladys Elizabeth

Broomfield, for voluntary services to the Morris Markowe Unit League of

Friends, Springfield Hospital, Wandsworth.

Maurice Brough, for services to the Derbyshire War Pensions Committee,

the Royal British Legion; Colin William Broughton, chairman,

Nottinghamshire County, the Royal British Legion; Miss Janet Brown,

district accounts representative, West Midlands British Gas; Michael

Anthony Brown, Chief Fire Officer, Powys Fire Service; Mrs Joyce Browne,

personal secretary Tyrone Crystal; Barry Browning, Chief Fire Officer,

Esso Petroleum Company; Reginald George Browning, for services to the

community and to music in Somerset; Miss Sybil Grace Browning, for

services to the community in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Maurice Bryant, head office keeper, Serjeant at Arms Department, House

of Commons; Stephen John Bryant, chief rent officer; James William

Budge, coxswain, Longhope Lifeboat, Royal National Lifeboat Institution;

Brian William Burrel, station officer retained, Cornwall County Fire

Brigade; Denis Edward Burrell, lately accounts office manager, T G

Lilleyman and Son; Norman Frederick George Burrows, managing director,

Software Production Enterprises; Patrick Joslyn Byrne, lately revenue

assistant, Her Majesty's Board of Inland Revenue.

John Anthony Cairns, Leading firefighter, Strathclyde Fire Brigade;

Mrs Frances Margaret Caldwell, member, Management Board of St Joseph's,

County Armagh and Lisnevin Training Schools, County Down; Mrs June Ann

Callaghan, member, Ulster Council of the Girl Guides' Association, for

services to young people; Maj Anthony Achilles Camilleri, assistant

secretary for Greater London, Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve

Association; Alfred Camp, for services to the Crown and Manor Boys'

Club, Hoxton, London; Arthur Campbell, section leader, Swan Hunter

Shipbuilders; Mrs Lynda Mary Cantor, Honorary Secretary and Trustee,

British Retinitis Pigmentosa Society, for services to health care.

Mrs Helen Galloway Cargill, for services to the Angus Multiple

Sclerosis Society and for services to the community in Arbroath; Mrs

Edna Carlsen, for voluntary services to the Singleton Hospital, Swansea;

Henry Casey, senior analytical chemist, Institute of Freshwater

Ecology's River Laboratory; Miss Jean Margaret Causton, Overseas

Development Administration; Victor Rowe Chamberlain, Quality Development

Adviser, Community Unit, East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust; Brian

Chambers, detective sgt, Royal Ulster Constabulary

Bernard Chi Chung Chan, senior executive officer, Ministry of Defence;

Mrs Fay Elizabeth Chaplin, member, Daventry District Council; Robert

James Chapman, bailiff manager, Southampton Bailiff Group, Lord

Chancellor's Department; David John Chatterton, managing director,

Chelsea Instruments; George William Christie, for services to the

community in Fochabers, Morayshire; Percival William Clarke, senior

craftsman, Silsoe Research Institute Agricultural and Food Research

Council; William Robert Pritchard Clarke, TD for services to the

community in Radyr, Cardiff.

James Griffith Cobley, for political service; Kenny Colaine, for

services to sport for the disabled; Edward Gering Collier, lately Staff

Port Naval Auxiliary Officer, Royal Naval Auxiliary Service Central

Scotland (Forth); Mrs Marjorie Julia Collins, chairperson, Multiple

Sclerosis Society, Redbridge; Samuel John Collins, for services to the

community in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire; Mrs Audrey Lorina Tunnadine

Cooper, for political and public service; Frank Edward Cooper,

president, Barnsley Unit, Sea Cadet Corps; Dr Peter Copeland, chairman,

Futuremedia, for services to training in industry.

Francis Ernest Coulson, director, Sharrow Bay Hotel, Penrith, for

services to the hotel industry; Harold Henry James Cox, vice chairman of

governors, Hardwick Infants School, Derby; Mrs Marian Jane Cox, for

services to the mentally handicapped in South Wales; Mrs Edna Rosemary

Craig, senior clerk, Larne Harbour; Mrs Elizabeth Winifred Craig, for

political service; Peter Stewart Ferguson Crawford, special constabulary

sgt, Tayside Police and for services to charitable organisations.

Roy Alan Crawford, manufacturing superintendent, Schering-Plough, for

services to industrial health and safety; George Crawforth, farmer, and

for services to the community in North Humberside; Raymond John Crawley,

lately assistant director (building), Bath City Council; John Creaby,

for services to race relations in Tyne and Wear; Mrs Francis Gwendoline

Teare Crellin, patron and founder member, Manx Grand Prix Supporters

Club, for services to the community in the Isle of Man; Mrs Dilys Elsie

Crockett, administrative assistant, Ministry of Defence.

John Somerville Brand Crombie, for services to the Scottish Society

for the Mentally Handicapped; Miss Jacqueline Rhona Crute, personal

assistant to the chief executive, Rushmoor Borough Council, Hampshire;

Mrs Margaret Anna Curry, for services to the Hillsborough Village and

District Committee, Co. Down; Brian Patrick Edward Daly, executive

officer, Ministry of Defence; Robert James Dalzell, for services to the

community and to the Friends of Tower Hill Hospital Committee, Armagh.

Harold Thomas Hewitt Daniels, higher executive officer, Department of

Social Security; James Davidson, training manager, Carlisle College,

Cumbria; Mrs Moira Davidson, revenue executive, Her Majesty's Board of

Inland Revenue; David Alexander Davies, lately higher telecommunications

technical officer, Radiocommunications Agency; David William Thomas

Davies, signalling maintenance engineer, Regional Railways, British

Railways; Ronald Davies, production controller, Remploy and for

charitable services to the community in South Wales; William Davison,

station officer, Tyne and Wear Fire Brigade.

Mrs Freda Kathleen Dazeley, for services to the Hammersmith Hospital

League of Friends; Miss Ann Patricia De Jersey, community nursing sister

in Guernsey; Alan Robert Henry Dean, for services to the community in

Dorset; John Charles Dean, electrician, Atomic Weapons Establishment,

Burghfield, for services to the defence industry; James Patrick

Dickinson, lately planning engineer, British Steel; John Spence Dickson,

assistant divisional officer, Tayside Fire Brigade; James Turpie

Dickson, pollution control officer, Shetland, for services to


Richard Dillingham, for services to sport in Bedfordshire; Michael

John Docker, joiner, Vosper Thornycroft (UK); Mrs Hilary Anne Cunliffe

Dodd, sales planning manager, Premier Beverages; Michael Leslie Doleman,

works supervisor (contracts), Nottingham City Building Works, for

services to local government; Desmond Done, for services to the

Birmingham County, the Royal British Legion; Ronald George Douch, works

manager, Royal Academy of Arts; Mrs Thelma Cavell Dowding, for services

to the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Ladies' Lifeboat Guild.

Miss Margaret Dowley, secretary to the assistant chief constable,

British Transport Police; William Dryburgh, for services to the

community and to the Scottish Old Age Pensioners Association in Alva,

Clackmannanshire; Gerald Dunn, taxi driver, London, for services to the

London Taxi Drivers' Fund for Under- Privileged Children; Mrs Elouise

Edwards, community development worker, Family Advice Centre, Moss Side

People's Centre, Manchester; Frederick Edwards, ambulance care

assistant, Mersey Regional Health Authority, for services to health

care; Mrs Norah Elizabeth Edwards, for voluntary services to the

probation service on the Isle of Wight; Mrs Peggy Elcombe, fishmonger,

for charitable services in Wiltshire.

Thomas Kennedy Craig Elkin, chief ranger for the Mendip Hills; Basil

Albert Elliott, chief superintendent, Royal Ulster Constabulary; Keith

Arthur Elliott, constable, Metropolitan Police; Mrs Hazel Margaret

Ellis, lately higher executive officer, Crown Estate Commissioners; Mrs

Heather Ensor, honorary welfare officer, Chesham and Amersham District

Branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society; Mrs Barbara Entwistle, for

services to the Topsham Museum Society, Exeter; Mrs Elizabeth Janet

Erskine, for services to play in Scottish hospitals; Alan Evans, sgt,

Northumbria Police; Mrs Dorothy Bowden Evans, administrator, Central

Office, the Church in Wales, for charitable services.

Gordon John Evans, for services to music in Campbeltown, Argyll; Gwyn

Caradog Evans, lately higher executive officer, Forestry Commission; Mrs

Jean Barbara Evans, for services to the Kidney Patients Association of

North Wales; Mrs Morfudd Gwendolen Vaughan-Evans, administrative

officer, Agricultural Development Advisory Service; Mrs Esme Jean Eyres,

senior executive officer, Welsh Office; Miss Barbara Francis

Fairweather, founder and manager, Glencoe and North Lorn Folk Museum,

for services to the arts; Eric William Harry Feakins, chairman, London

North War Pensions Committee; Errol Ainsley Ferguson, production

supervisor, Radamec Group; Mrs Josephine Mary Fields, administrative

assistant, the Insolvency Service; Thomas Surphlis Fisher, chairman,

Erne Youth and Community Workshop, Enniskillen, for services to

education and training.

Mrs Pamela Diana Fletcher Jones, for services to the community in

Kingston upon Thames, Surrey; Michael Ford, day centre manager, Royal

Earlswood, Redhill, Surrey; Mrs Nora Grace Ford, deputy county

commissioner, County of Avon. St John Ambulance Brigade; Mrs Phyllis

Nancy Ford, for services to cancer relief and St David's Hospice Appeal

Fund, Gwynedd; Arthur Edward Foster, academic registrar, Nottingham

Trent University; Mrs Margaret Sarah Foster, for services to the

Cambridge branch of Cruse Bereavement Care; Dennis John Fraser, managing

director, Grip House, for services to the film and television


Miss Margaret Camillus Fulton, inspector of taxes, Her Majesty's Board

of Inland Revenue; Mrs Barbara Mary Garden, for political and public

service; Mrs Amelia Jane Clark Gardner, executive officer, Department of

Social Security; Graham Reginald Garner, postman, Royal Mail London,

Mount Pleasant, The Post Office and for services to sport for the

disabled; Mrs Rita Eleanor Garry, higher executive officer, Scottish

Office; Miss Elizabeth Jean Gatting, personal secretary, Department of

Trade and Industry; Mrs Avril Joan Gee, nursing assistant, East

Hertfordshire National Health Service Trust, for services to health

care; John Gibbon, for services to the community in Salford; Lt Col

Charles Hugh Gibson, (Rtd.), chairman, Southern Sea Fisheries Committee,

for services to the fisheries industry.

Thomas Gibson, managing director, Gibson Wells Engineering, for

services to the engineering industry; John Kenneth Maclean Gilbert, for

services to consumer affairs in Scotland; Peter James Gilder, district

surveyor, Corporation of London, for services to the City after the St

Mary Axe and Bishopsgate bombings; Edward Stephen Giles, for political

service; Mrs Margaret Gilfillan, vice president, Architectural Heritage

Society of Scotland, for services to architecture; Steve Gilks, projects

manager, Cash from Trash, Wakefield, Yorkshire, for services to

conservation; Ian Henderson Gilmour, principal teacher of history, Annan

Academy, Dumfriesshire, for services to education.

Charles Edward Girdler, for services to the Currie Community Council,

Midlothian; Peter Glover, sub officer retained, Cleveland County Fire

Brigade; William Finlay Gold, senior manager, Personnel and General

Administration, NEC Semiconductors (UK); Dr James Goldie, lately GP,

Cardross, Dunbartonshire, for services to medicine; David John Golding,

chief superintendent, Metropolitan Police; Raymond Eric Goodbold,

executive officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Miss

Joanna Goodchild, assistant secretary, Alyn and Deeside Division

Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association; John Anthony

Gorton, production supervisor, British Aerospace Defence, for services

to the defence industry.

Mrs Alexandrina Alice Grant, for services to the Scottish Ambulance

Service Voluntary Car Service; Allan Edward Grant, principal officer,

Her Majesty's Prison Aberdeen; Donald Grant, for services to shinty.

George Alexander Gray, lately senior professional and technical officer,

Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland Civil Service; Miss

Margaret Doris Gray, Secretary to the Chief Probation Officer, Dorset;

The Rev. Percy Gray, TD for political and public service; Victor Gray,

for services to education and to the community; Alfred George Green,

lately journalist, Liverpool Echo, for services to journalism and to the

community in Liverpool.

Lt Cdr David Richard Monro Gregory, (rtd.), director, Margaret

Blackwood Housing Association, for services to the Housing Association

Movement; Mrs Ivy Muriel Gutridge, for services to the Inter Faith

Movement in Wolverhampton; Albert Brian Haberfield, for services to the

steel industry in Wales; Robert Haines, for services to the community in

Caernarfon, Gwynedd; Idris George Hale, founder and director, Penscynor

Wildlife Park, Cilfrew, West Glamorgan, for services to tourism and

conservation; Mrs Pauline Margaret Halfpenny, for political and public


Mrs Blodwen Hall, for services to the community in Donaghcloney and in

particular to the Donaghcloney Housing Association , County Armagh; Eric

Leslie Hall, garage workshop supervisor, Leicestershire Constabulary;

Norman Hall, for services to the community in Flamborough, Yorkshire;

Miss Rosemary Joan Hamilton, administrative officer, Department of the

Environment, Northern Ireland Civil Service; John Anthony Hancock,

managing director, Sealy United Kingdom, for services to industry in

Cumbria; Mrs Patricia Anne Hancocks, senior executive officer, Ministry

of Defence.

Gordon Handley, lately principal prison officer, Her Majesty's Prison

Littlehey; Mrs Pamela Mary Hannam, honorary secretary, Mencap, Bristol

and Chairman, Avon County Mencap Groups; Mrs Dorothy Hanson, for

services to the Campaign for Tackling Acquired Deafness; Maurice Edward

Stuart Harman, chief estate surveyor, English Heritage; Kenneth Sydney

Harris, lately pedigree secretary, British Pig Association.

Michael John Harris, for services to the magistracy in Warwickshire;

Anthony Michael Victor Carmel Harrison, Scarborough Unit, Sea Cadet

Corps; Mrs Marian Harrison, for political service; Raymond Charles

Hartill, Constable, South Wales Constabulary; Kenya George Malcolm

Harvey, warehouse manager, Metkovic, Croatia, for services to

humanitarian relief; Mrs Ethel Hayball, for services to the community in

Mid Glamorgan; Mrs Jacqueline Patricia Hearn, foster mother, London

Boroughs of Bexley and Tower Hamlets; Frederick Ian Heeley, warehouse

clerk, Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company, and for services to the

community in Suffolk.

Miss Dylys Valerie Venner Helmore, for services to the Taunton Deane

Women's Royal Voluntary Service; Ronald Albert Hendey, lately chairman,

Infant and Dietetic Foods Association; Archibald Henley, Coxswain,

Bembridge Lifeboat, Royal National Lifeboat Institution; Colin Michael

Henningway, business manager and nurse manager, Crawley and Horsham

Health Care Trust; Herbert Ewart Henshall, chairman, executive

committee, Belfast Abbeyfield Society; Mrs Audrey Anne Herrington, nurse

manager (X-ray department) Northern General Hospital National Health

Service Trust, Sheffield.

Derek Heselton, for services to the salmon fishing industry; Edward

Higham, lately chairman, Magistrates' Courts Committee, Nottinghamshire;

Kenneth Charles Hildrew, station officer, London Fire Brigade, and for

services to charitable organisations; Mrs Jean May Hogg, for services to

the Borders branch, Multiple Sclerosis Society; Miss Minn Hogg, editor,

The World of Interiors, for services to the fabrics and furniture

industries; Mrs Edwina Jennifer Holden, Observer, Royal Air Force

Bentley Priory, Royal Observer Corps; Mrs Margaret Anne

Durdant-Hollamby, for services to the community and arts in Sevenoaks.

Fergus John Joseph Holland, lately deputy principal, La Sainte Union

College of Higher Education, Southampton; for services to education;

William Robert Holland, chief emergency planning officer, Merseyside

Fire and Civil Defence Authority; Michael John Hollingsworth, senior

engineer, British Aerospace Defence Dynamics, for services to the

defence industry; William Eley Homer, member, Dudley Metropolitan

Borough Council; Christopher David Hopcroft, engine driver, trainload

freight, British Railways, and for services to the safety of young

people; Professor Charles Hugh Wilson Horne, chairman and managing

director, Novocastra Laboratories.

Miss Winnie Horton, for services to the community in Edgbaston,

Birmingham; Mrs Margaret Joan Houghton, lately support manager 2,

Serious Fraud Office; Edwin Howarth, honorary secretary and honorary

treasurer, Engineering Council, Devon and Cornwall; Mrs Winifred Alma

Jean Howe, for services to the Somerset branch, British Red Cross

Society; David John Howell, Sergeant, West Yorkshire Police; Stanley

Thomas Hudson, for political and public service; Hugh Kenneth Hughes,

DFC AE founder and chairman, Aerocontracts, for services to the Civil

Aviation Industry; Charles Hullighan, for services to the community in

Yorkshire; Tudwal Jones Humphreys, voluntary hospital visitor, Gwynedd;

Robert Henry Humphries, superintendent engineer, Stranmillis College,


Ralph Edwin Hunte, consultant, Prison Officer Selection Board; Miss

Mary Hunter, classroom assistant and bus escort, Killadeas Special

School, County Fermanagh; Miss Morven Anne Hutchison, personal assistant

to the director-general, Canning House, for services to international

relations; Miss Joan Rose Huth, lately administrative officer, Ministry

of Defence; Dennis George Huxtable, first deputy principal, Itchen

College, Southampton; George Alexander Inglis, chairman, Scot-West

Training Services, for services to youth training; John Ireland, force

communications manager, Bedfordshire Police; Mrs Hilda Ives, for

services to the public and to the community in Hedon, Hull.

Fred Clive Jackson, chairman, Triumph Business Systems (South Wales);

Richard Smith Jackson, founder and chairman, Rescare, National Society

for Mentally Handicapped People in Residential Care; Derek Rhys James,

basic craftsman, Defence Research Agency, Ministry of Defence; Alan

Edward Jeffreys, sub-librarian, University of Newcastle upon Tyne;

Thomas Ronald John Jenkins, supervisor, regional railways, British

Railways and for services to the community in Dyfed; Mrs Muriel

Jennings, organiser, RSVP in Kent, for services to the community in

Kent; Glynne Thomas Jerman, forest craftsman, Forestry Commission.

Mrs Mary Johnston, for services to the community in Tranent, East

Lothian; John Griffith Jones, senior professional and technology

officer, Ministry of Defence; Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth Jones, for services

to the Women's Royal Voluntary Service in Wales; Paul Anthony Jones,

higher executive officer, Companies House Executive Agency; Miss Audrey

May Joy, senior prison officer, Her Majesty's Prison and Young

Offenders' Institution East Sutton Park; Mrs Elizabeth Marian Keating,

managing director, Heirlooms, for services to export and to the linen

industry; Miss Anna Josephine Bernadette Kelly, administrative officer,

Department of Agriculture, Northern Ireland Civil Service; Robert Thomas

Kemp, coxswain, Walton and Frinton Lifeboat.

Miss Bridget Kendall, Moscow correspondent, BBC Radio, for services to

broadcasting; Mrs Diana Frances Kennedy, administrative officer,

Ministry of Defence; Miss Agnes Kerr, music tutor, Her Majesty's Prison,

Shotts; Mrs May Kilroy, for services to swimming an