AN INVERNESS student made history at the Royal National Mod in Airdrie

yesterday when he succeeded his father as Gaeldom's top singer.

James Gunn, an 18-year-old travel and tourism student at Inverness

College, won the men's Gold Medal in his first year competing at senior

level. His father George, a civil servant in the Inverness JobCentre,

won the medal at Oban last year.

James is one of the youngest medallists yet, but father George was not

in Airdrie Town Hall to share his son's triumph -- he was travelling

down from Inverness. James's mother, Mrs Andrea Gunn, was there to give

him a kiss as he came off stage.

''It hasn't sunk in yet,'' he told her.

James, who has regularly won prizes at the junior Mod, was 11 points

clear of his nearest rival in yesterday's final, Norman MacKinnon, of

Campbeltown. Both James and his father will be singing with Inverness

Gaelic Choir in today's choral competitions.

The women's medal was won by Margaret Stewart-Harding, 38, from Back,

Lewis, who now lives in Great Yarmouth. Her husband, Timothy, who works

in the oil industry, was in the audience with their 18-month-old

daughter, Eilidh.

Margaret's success, 16 points clear of Inverness primary school

teacher Maggie Macdonald, is one of the most convincing Gold Medal wins

of recent years -- despite the fact that she fluffed her lines in one of

the songs.

The audience groaned in sympathy when Margaret made a mistake and had

to start again. She said later: ''I thought I had blown it, but my

singing was more relaxed after that and I really gave it laldy.''

Music adjudicator Kathryn Black said Margaret' performance had left

the judges spellbound.


Oral (fluent speakers) Poem: 1. Peggy Miller, Spean Bridge; 2.

Christina Cunningham, Cumbernauld; 3. Mairi NicMhaoilein, Uidhist a


Prose: 1. Peggy Miller; 2. Alison Cowey, Cardross; 3. Christina


Reading at sight: 1. Christina Cunningham; 2. Alisown Cowey; 3. Mairi


Glasgow Skye Assoc. Gold Medal/Cardonald Highlanders Association Cup:

Peggy Miller.

Folk Tale (Anglo-Chilean Trophy): 1. Fionnlagh MacAoidh, Goillspidh; 2

Peggy Miller; 3. Christina Cunningham.

Speech: 1. Fionnlagh MacAoidh; 2. Peggy Miller; 3. Christina


Oral (learners); 1. Wilma Slattery, Alexandria.

Prose: 1. Wilma Slattery.

Reading at sight: 1. Wilma Slattery.

Speech: 1. Wilma Slattery.

Dr John Cameron Quaich: Wilma Slattery.

Clarsach (solos, under-18 with Gaelic song (Glendale Quaich): 1.

Lynsey Joss, Lomond School. 2. Claire Telford, Aberdeen.

Intermediate: 1. Eilidh Macleod, Portree High School; 2. Isla McRae,

JLomond School; 3 (equal). Karen Connor, JLomond School, and Rachel

Young, Lochbroom.

Elementary (Florence Wilson Trophy)

1. Emma Chisholm, Tain.

Advanced (Catherine L. MacDonald Prizes): 1. Jennifer Campbell,

Gorebridge; 2. Catriona Mackay, Dundee; 3. Jamie Allen, Edinburgh.

Open: Accompaniment (Jean Campbell Trophy): 1. Catriona MacKay,


Original Composition (Margaret Balfour Award): 1. Eilidh McRae, Lomond


Duets: 1. Catriona MacKay/Jennifer Campbell, Dundee.

Ensembles: 1. Sgoil Laomuinn.

Vocal solos: Gold Medal Finals (Women): 1. Mairead Stiubhart-Harding,

Am Bac; 2. Maggie Macdonald, Inverness.

(Men): 1. Seumas Gunna, Inbhirnis; 2. Norman MacKinnon, Campbeltown.

Clan MacLean Association Prizes (Women): 1. Mairead Stiubhart-Harding;

2. Maggie Macdonald; 3. Jean Mackay, Inverness; 4. Dierdre Nic an

t-Sagairt, Port Ellen.

(Men): 1. Seumas Gunna; 2. Norman MacKinnon; 3. Alasdair Barnett,


4. Seumas Mac an t-Sagairt, Port Ellen.

Traditional Final (Women): 1. Maeve MacKinnon, Glasgow; 2. Margaret

Campbell, Castlebay; 3. Margaret Maclellan, Mingarry

(Men): 1. Ronald Gillies, Glasgow; 2. Iain Macaulay, Point; 3. Donald


Scotia Trophy -- (equal) Maeve MacKinnon and Ronald Gillies, Glasgow.

Donald Thomson Award for Gaelic (Men): 1. Norman MacKinnon; Seumas


Women: Mairead Stiubhart-Harding; 2. Maggie Macdonald.

Gilbert MacPhail Prize for Music: 1. Seumas Gunna; Norman MacKinnon;

3. Alasdair Barnett, Oban.

John MacArthur Memorial Trophy: Maggie MacDonald.

Silver Pendant Final (Learners)

Men: John Shirreffs, Lothian Gaelic Choir; 2. Iain MacLean, Tobermory.

Women: 1. Kirsteen Menzies, Dingwall; 2. Jennifer Pratt, Oban.

Rural choirs (Lorn Shield): 1. Strath Gaelic Choir; 2. Melvich Gaelic

Choir; 3. Coisir Sgire aU Bhac.

Dalriada Cup for Gaelic: Strath Gaelic Choir.

Mrs Catherine C. MacDonald Silver Baton: Kayren MacRae.

Sheriff MacMaster Campbell Quaich: 1. Lairg Gaelic Choir; 2. Moray

Gaelic Choir; 3. Isle of Mull Gaelic Choir.

Selma Shield for Gaelic: Lairg Gaelic Choir.

Grace Robertson Baton: Lairg Gaelic Choir.

Grampian TV Trophy (Women): 1. Coisir Sgire aU Bhac; 2. Strath Gaelic

Choir; 3. Lochs Gaelic Choir.

Port-a-Beul (Aline MacKenzie Trophy): 1. Lochs Gaelic Choir; 2. Coisir

Sgire aU Bhac; 3. Melvich Gaelic Choir.

Hamish Graham (Strath) Memorial Trophy for Gaelic: Coisir Sgire a'


Sandy Heron Memorial Cup: (equal) Strath Gaelic Choir and Coisir Sgire

a' Bhac.

Duets (Neil MacLean and Jennie M.B. Currie Trophy): 1. Riona

Whyte/Iain Maclean, Tobermory; 2. Janet Campbell/Joyce Hunter, Bearsden.