RADIO presenter Tiger Tim Stevens was sent home with his tail between

his legs from Parkhead last night.

The Radio Clyde disc jockey, who also makes the public address system

announcements at Celtic Park, was perhaps a little less than sincere

when he made a half-time request during Celtic's European tie for ''a

minute's silence for Rangers''.

The other half of Glasgow's Old Firm had, of course, by that time lost

their European Cup tie.

Celtic director Tom Grant, rather than thinking the Tiger's skills

were burning bright, took a dim view of the announcement -- and promptly

dismissed Mr Stevens from the Parkhead microphone.

''It was quite a civilised discussion,'' said one observer. ''It would

be wrong to say the fur was flying.''

A crestfallen Mr Stevens was heard to remark: ''I just did it on the

spur of the moment.''

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