l Chatshow host Jonathan Ross defended his £18 million three-year golden handcuff deal with the BBC, saying that he was paid below market value given that he was at "the top of his game".

He later moved to ITV, reportedly on a fraction of his old salary.


l The arrival of Chris Evans on the BBC’s tea-time chat show, the One Show, led to the departure of Adrian Chiles, then one of the highest BBC personalities. Evans is thought to have agreed a pay cut in return for a longer run on his pay deal, with his salary, which includes payment for his radio work, thought to top £1m.


l Jeremy Paxman reportedly took a 20% pay cut and signed a deal worth £3.2m over three years, which covers his presenting work on Newsnight and University Challenge. It is claimed he gets an £20,000 for each documentary he fronts.


l Fiona Bruce earns approximately £500,000 for her work as a news reader and presenter of Antiques Roadshow and is paid as a freelance through her company Paradox Productions. She described Jonathan Ross’s rumoured £18m pay deal as “a hell of a lot”.


l Gary Lineker is thought to earn £1.5m as presenter of the BBC’s Match of the Day.


l A payslip belonging to Andrew Marr suggested he earns £600,000 a year. It was leaked after being left in the wrong pigeonhole.


l Anne Robinson is said to have taken a 50% pay cut to stay at the BBC, but earns £2m over two years.