ED Miliband will today put defeating the scourge of youth unemployment at the heart of his bid for government as he pledges a "Real Jobs Guarantee" of six months' paid work for those under 25s unemployed for more than a year.

It would help at least 100,000 young people across the UK –10,000 in Scotland – and be paid for from the proceeds of Labour's proposed bank bonus tax, some £600 million.

The details show the work would be for 25 hours per week, in other words part-time, and at the minimum wage of £4000 per job. Young people would at the same time also have to look for a permanent job and take part in training as instructed by the employer.

If they do not, then "tough consequences" would follow. It has been suggested these could be a loss of benefits for six months but Labour HQ refused to confirm this last night.

Speaking at the party's youth conference on jobs in Warwick, Mr Miliband will say the guarantee will be a down-payment towards his goal of ending long-term youth unemployment.

"For Labour, it is unacceptable to have so many talented young people out of work for an entire year," he will say.

"The first line of a Labour Budget would be a tax on bank bonuses to get jobs for our young people. To business we say – we'll pay the wages, if you provide the training; to young people – if you're out of work for a year, we'll guarantee you the opportunity to work."

Meanwhile, the Scottish Secretary called for employers in Scotland to help expand a Government work experience programme to tackle youth unemployment.

Michael Moore wants an extra 500 placements on top of more than 2000 already established in Scotland since April last year.

The scheme, which was altered last month after criticism for its benefits sanctions, was highlighted at the National Convention on Youth Employment in Dundee.

l A new scheme will launch next month that will offer cut-price rail travel to the jobless. Those who have been out of work for three months or more will be able to get 50% off ScotRail services within Scotland, apart from the cross-border Caledonian sleeper.