POLLUTION in several residential areas of Glasgow has reached potentially deadly levels.

All the air quality monitors in the city are exceeding the maximum level for particulate pollution – one of the most dangerous forms with microscopic particles which can cause breathing and blood problems as well as increased risk of heart attacks.

Broomhill Drive, Byres Road, Nithsdale Road and Battlefield Road are among the worst affected, with most of the pollution thought to be caused by buses, cars and taxis.

Chris Connor, air quality specialist at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, said most of the air quality monitors were seeing annual increases in particulate levels.

He added: "Obviously we want to see a reduction, so we are concerned that things are moving in the wrong direction.

"There is a particular concern about young children and toddlers in buggies as they're at a similar height to exhausts where the cocktail of pollutants is at its highest concentrations."

However, Glasgow City Council officials said that pollution levels are "actually relatively low".

A spokesman said: "We experience the same problems as many busy modern cities with a long industrial heritage. The council is taking action wherever legislation gives it powers to do so – and this work is pulled together by an air quality action plan."