THREE health boards have failed to meet a target on the number of cancer patients being treated within the target times.

In the NHS Grampian area, 92.2% of patients started treatment within two months of being urgently referred in October to December last year; the Scottish Government's target is to treat 95% of patients within this timescale. NHS Shetland and NHS Fife also missed the target, with 94.4% and 94.5% of people treated in that time respectively.

NHS Grampian had the longest waiting time, 195 days, for treatment for someone referred because of suspected cancer. It was also the only health board in Scotland not to meet the 95% target of starting treatment within 31 days of a decision being made on patient care, with this happening for 93.9% of patients there.

Nationwide, 96.9% of patients began their treatment within 62 days of urgent referral for suspected cancer.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said NHS staff had made a "fantastic effort" to meet the overall targets before schedule last year.