THE word "Union" will not feature in the title of the cross-party campaign against Scottish independence.

The key plank of the group's campaign emerged as Blair McDougall, a former aide to former foreign secretary David Miliband, was recruited to manage it.

The six-strong campaign organising committee, which includes Anas Sarwar for Labour and David McLetchie for the Conservatives, has undertaken public research on what to call the pro-UK campaign.

A source said details were still being finalised but added: "I don't think the word 'Union' will feature in the name. The word has certain connotations in the west of Scotland, which are not necessarily positive."

Labour and LibDem figures have instead previously called themselves "devolutionists".

Labour's Alistair Darling, Tory Annabel Goldie and LibDem Charles Kennedy will be the three public faces of the campaign, with a launch pencilled in for next month.

One option is having a multi-site launch across Scotland, with celebrities and ordinary people from all walks of life.

The organisers are wary about giving out details for fear this could diminish what they are hoping will be a big bang event.

The fact there appears to be hesitancy about using the word Union will be seized on by the Nationalists, who are set to launch their pro-independence campaign on Friday, May 25.

Sources in the pro-UK campaign made clear spending would match if not exceed that of the SNP's pro-independence bid.

One said: "Money will not be a problem. We will match and probably exceed the Nationalists' war chest."