A RECOUNT of ballot papers in the Langside ward of Glasgow City Council has returned the same results as the original count.

The recalculation took place yesterday following a mistake in the scanning and verification stage of the count on May 4.

SNP candidate Susan Aitken, Labour candidate Archie Graham and Green Party candidate Liam Hainey were all elected as councillors.

The mistake, which has been put down to human error, happened when the ballot papers from a box placed at Battlefield Primary School were not properly entered into the count.

Returning Officer for Glasgow, George Black, asked Glasgow Sheriff Court for permission to examine ballot papers and re-run the calculation.

He lost his payment of £4000 for overseeing the local election as a result of the blunder.

Mr Black, the council's chief executive who last year earned a salary of £220,000, was forced to pay for the recount out of his payment as the returning officer.