Here are some of the many people who gathered in Edinburgh today, explaining why they're taking part in the march and rally in support of Scottish independence.

Andrew Dyce, 29, a lecturer from Glasgow (SNP) “I’m here to take part in this celebratory march and show support for independence.”

Brian Gallager, 30, a self employed tiler from Bellshill. (no party ) “Independence is something I’ve always believed in. The construction industry has been decimated. Lots of guys I know in the industry are on the dole. The illegal war has killed over million people and we are paying for it.”

Jennifer Broadhurst, 38, a student from Stewarton. (Scottish Greens) “I hope for a better future and a more fair and equal society.”

Marina Lyle, 30 a councillor in North Lanarkshire (SNP) “The rally is to get the point across about independence, it’s about the whole experience and making people aware of it.”

Michael Dixon, 26, works in public affairs. From Ayrshire, but lives in Edinburgh. (SNP) “Lots of people from all different political parties are coming together. I’m part of Young Scots for Independence, the official youth wing of the SNP, this is us coming together to get people to consider independence, even if it’s the first time they’ve thought about it.”

Paolo Casterta, 35, a support worker from Italy originally. (Scottish Socialist Party) “The socialist party fully support the cause for independence and it’s important to support the Yes campaign. I’ve been almost nine years in Scotland and there are things that can be done to improve Scottish society and the referendum will be the occasion to do just that."

Tom Hastings, 57, an ecologist from Ayrshire. (SNP – probably) “Because I believe without independence Scotland is going nowhere. I’m so pleased with what the Scottish Government is doing for the environment. We have the most ambitious carbon reducing targets in the world.”

Vince Godley, 58, a gas engineer from Dunblane (SNP) “I believe in the dignity of independence. You don’t see the Irish rushing to join the UK union for all their troubles.”