MANY Scots were caught up in the storms as Hurricane Sandy moved in.

Adele Ganly, who lives on New York's Roosevelt Island with her husband Ian and six-year-old twins Christopher and Olivia, said: "The top of a crane has collapsed and is dangling above west 57th street. Very scary.

"The water level is as high as it was during Hurricane Irene last year, with the water breaching the sea wall. However, we feel safe, we have plenty of food and water. We have filled the bath with water in case we lose power and water can't be pumped up to our 16th-floor apartment."

She added her Scots husband, a cancer surgeon, had been told all surgery scheduled for tomorrow was cancelled.

Laura McKinnon, 31, originally from Paisley but now living in Manhattan, said: "All transport has been shut down. It's really eerie seeing New York's streets empty. People have been walking up Franklin Roosevelt Drive, which is usually a three-lane highway. There's flooding down at the riverfront and the storm hasn't even fully arrived yet. We live on the 24th floor and the concern is that the power and water goes out."

A group of 10 Scottish school pupils from Stonehaven's Mackie Academy, who are visiting New York, have been confined to their hotel. Evie Brown, 17, said: "We're a bit worried because we wanted to get home. We don't have enough clothes or dollars to last us. We're getting food from the hotel but are all panicking a little."

Kelli Abdoney, 37, a freelance photographer from Glasgow, said she was experiencing problems in Philidelphia. "The streets are deserted and everything has closed down. We've filled as many containers as we can with fresh water, removed potential projectiles from our garden and driveway, keeping our pets indoors and turning our fridge and heating up in case we lose power. The authorities have told us to stay home and be prepared for the worst but to stay calm. I'm moderately concerned as I have a six-month-old baby."