A SCOTS footballer has been jailed for more than two years after being caught with £20,000 of drugs.

Ex-Ayr United and Morton striker Alex Williams was arrested after police stopped an Audi car in September 2011.

Two carrier bags were found to contain Methylone and Naphyrone – previously legal highs later made illegal in 2010.

A judge heard how a severe gambling addiction led to Williams turning to crime. The 30-year-old –dogged by a betting scandal during his football career – admitted being concerned in the supply of drugs when he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

Kristopher O'Malley, 26, also pled guilty to the same charges. Williams, of Govan, Glasgow, was jailed for 32 months and O'Malley for 27 months.

Judge Michael O'Grady QC said: "You must have understood the gravity of that course of action and understood its potential consequences."

The court heard how police were carrying out surveillance on September 16, 2011, in Glenboig, North Lanarkshire.

Painter and decorator O'Malley was spotted with a white bag under his arm while appearing to be waiting for someone.

An Audi A3 car soon pulled up and O'Malley, of Glenboig, passed the bag to Williams – a passenger in the vehicle.

Prosecutor Alan Nicol said officers later pulled the car over in Pollok, Glasgow.

The court heard Williams was "fearful" of people he owed money to and at the time of the offence did not have a club.

He was at Morton in 2004 when rumours claimed four players from the club had bet £5000 on rivals Airdrie to win the second division title.

Williams has always maintained his innocence.