Scottish ministers have been accused of surrendering to the propaganda of the £11 billion packaging industry by forming a partnership that promotes food wrappings.

A Government website aimed at encouraging people to waste less food praises packaging – and is backed by The Packaging Federation. "Food loves the packaging it comes in," the website says. "There's nothing better to protect it and keep it fresher for longer. "

But Green MSP Alison Johnstone said: "Most waste information urges you to avoid over-packaging fresh food, not tell you how brilliant it is."

Food writer Joanna Blythman accused the packaging industry of using the Government's Zero Waste agency's Love Food Hate Waste website for "shameless self-promotion".

However, Zero Waste said the environmental impact of waste food was six times greater than that of packaging. "We are working to reduce both," it said.

Dick Searle, chief executive of The Packaging Federation, said: "Packaging protects food from the farm to the home, where it can carry on protecting it until it's eaten."