NEARLY one in three children think Jesus Christ spoke English, according to a study.

The UK-wide survey – carried out by makers of a language app in Edinburgh – asked 10 to 16-year-olds what language they thought the Son of God used.

Historians believe Jesus probably spoke Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew.

But findings from the survey of 1100 UK school children revealed that 31% thought Jesus spoke English and 36% thought he spoke Jewish – a language that doesn't actually exist.

Just 11% guessed he could speak Greek, 6% said he spoke Hebrew and Aramaic was only chosen by 5% of those who answered. Another 11% admitted they didn't know.

The survey was commissioned by GrowStoryGrow – a computer app designed to help toddlers learn foreign languages. Val Thornber, founder of GrowStoryGrow, said: "Some people might be quick to judge the results, but I wonder what the survey would show if carried out in France, Spain, America or elsewhere.

"It's also a sobering reminder that while we think we are at our most advanced in this day and age, people were tri-lingual thousands of years ago, before we had smartphones, tablets and the internet to translate material for us."

A second survey of 1000 adults found that only 65% of parents and grandparents are planning to buy a chocolate Easter egg for at least one family member – down from 75% in 2012.

More than 20% of people said they were ditching chocolate eggs for iTunes or Amazon vouchers.