EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Sheridan has resigned his post on a new campaign group set up to oppose the bedroom tax after complaints were made about his suitability.

Sheridan stood down as interim secretary of the West Scotland Anti-Bedroom Tax Committee amid claims he was an "incredibly divisive figure" who would use his position for "self-promotion".

His decision to quit comes after the left-winger was snubbed by the organisers of the pro-independence Yes campaign in Glasgow and criticised by Finance Secretary John Swinney as having "no credibility".

The committee was set up earlier this month to spearhead opposition to the UK Government's policy of reducing housing benefit for tenants who have spare rooms.

The body played a key role in organising yesterday's demonstration in Glasgow, when up to 3000 people marched from Glasgow Green to George Square. Sheridan was among the marchers.

At an initial meeting, campaigners agreed to appoint four interim office-bearers. Sheridan, a former Glasgow MSP and currently co-convener of Solidarity, was made interim secretary.

But activists complained about the decision at a subsequent meeting. Sheridan and the three other officer-bearers then resigned.

A joint statement said they were "collectively stepping down" to "try and cut across divisions which have regrettably developed".

The statement also rejected "the elevation of personal and political differences above the most important goal of scrapping the tax".

Facebook comments from individuals supportive of the campaign showed there was little enthusiasm for Sheridan.

One activist said: "He is an incredibly divisive figure, and his leadership will only lead to a divided campaign."

Another critic noted: "The campaign should be a base for those affected not only to co-ordinate campaigning, but to share ideas, experiences and tactics, not a vehicle for a politician's self-promotion and public redemption."

A third said: "Any campaign against the cuts which has Tommy Sheridan in a leading role immediately compromises honesty and integrity. A convicted perjurer, a proven liar, a disgraced politician. Why would you give ammunition to your opponents?"

In 2011, Sheridan was jailed after a jury found he had lied in an earlier defamation case he brought against the publishers of the now-defunct News Of The World. He was sentenced to three years in jail, but released after serving just over 12 months.

It is understood Sheridan intends to carry on working with the committee in opposing the benefit reduction.

The resignation is the latest setback to a political comeback.

After he appeared on the BBC backing independence, an angry Swinney told SNP activists: "Is it just me, or is anyone else surprised that, miraculously, in the midst of the SNP conference, the BBC have managed to provide a platform for the rehabilitation of Tommy Sheridan as an independence advocate? A man who has no political credibility whatsoever - What's that about?"