"Key Messages" from the Audit Scotland draft report, plus the versions in the published report following Derek Feeley's specific complaints:

DRAFT: "The extensive use of patient unavailability codes means that nationally reported waiting times did not provide a complete picture of how long patients waited"

FINAL: Deleted

DRAFT: "This may have disguised boards' inability to meet waiting list targets"

FINAL: Deleted

DRAFT: "We found many unusual patterns in the waiting list data that are difficult to explain"

FINAL: Replaced by pared-down account of code numbers rising and falling

DRAFT: "We are unable to provide assurance that there was no manipulation of waiting lists in other NHS boards [besides Lothian and Tayside]"

FINAL: "It is not possible to trace all the amendments that may have been made to the records of patients waiting for treatment, or to identify the reasons for them"