Ian Taylor, chief executive of oil and gas trader Vitol Plc, longstanding Conservative donor

Amount: £500,000

Quote: see story, right

Alan Savage, founder of Orion Group in Inverness, ex-chairman of Inverness CT football club

Amount: £100,000

Quote: "At a time when the world is facing economic uncertainty, it would be a huge risk for Scotland to go it alone.''

Gordon Baxter, late President of Baxter Food group

Amount: £10,000

Audrey Baxter: "My father believed firmly all his life in the United Kingdom."

Charles Richie, founder of Score Group in Peterhead

Amount: £50,000

Quote: "You cannot sit on the fence in matters of this critical importance."

John Dodd, co-founder of Artemis Fund Managers

Amount: £10,000

CJ Sansom, author of the Shardlake thrillers

Amount: £161,000

Quote: "I am very happy to have been able to make a contribution ... and to support keeping the UK intact."

Alan Massie, director of Carlton Rock Property Development Group

Amount: £15,000 in kind – office space

Quote: "I am proud to be Aberdonian, proud to be Scottish and proud to be British. I don't want that to change."

Sir Gerald Elliot, former chairman of Christian Salvesen Plc

Amount: £10,000

Quote: "I can find no good reason for dissolving this Union.''

Douglas Flint CBE, Chairman of HSBC Holdings plc

Amount: £25,000

Quote: "Better Together says it all."

Mark Tyndall, co-founder, senior partner of Artemis Fund Managers

Amount: £10,000