THE ex-wife of artist Peter Howson is to sell more than 300 pieces from her private collection of the artist's work to raise money for the care of the couple's daughter.

The paintings, drawings and sketches by the Glasgow artist, including rare portraits of David Bowie and Madonna, will be sold by Terry Howson, with the proceeds to benefit their daughter Lucie, who has Asperger syndrome.

The sale will include pieces from every significant period of the artist's life, stretching back to his early teenage years in Prestwick, South Ayrshire.

The artist said there were some "very important pieces" going under the hammer.

He said: "The auction really is for Lucie's benefit – that's why I'm supporting it. It's just to give her full-time care because obviously she needs it. The auction's taking place to raise money for my ex-wife to be able to take care of my daughter.

"I'm supporting it because Terry Howson saved my life last year and because my finances are all over the place. I haven't been able to support her or my daughter properly over the last few years."

Howson has admitted feeling great guilt for walking out on Lucie and her mum in 1993, when his daughter was 14.

Lucie was born with a number of health problems, including a hole in her heart, a collapsed lung and poor eyesight.

She also has epilepsy and suffers frequent fits. Her Asperger syndrome is thought to have been inherited from her father, who also has the condition.

She has since been reconciled with her father, who has called her the "centre of his world".

Howson has spoken of his regret over the breakdown in the relationship with his daughter, saying it came at a time when he was battling alcohol and drug addiction.

Speaking about their time apart, he said: "We've always had the bond, but it was kind of frustrated.

"I've always felt a tremendous love for Lucie, but there's probably also the guilt of leaving the family. I kind of walked out. I am a real runner away from things."

Among the rarest works to feature at the auction at McTear's in Glasgow are 10 original drawings of pop icon Bowie, drawn from life when the musician posed for Howson in his London studio in 1994.

The pair became friends after Bowie bought two of Howson's most controversial paintings depicting the Bosnian war.

Other notable pieces include a set of 10 sketches of Madonna and a set of drawings of Howson's teachers while still a 13-year-old pupil at Prestwick Academy.

Celia Stevenson, head of communications for The Maclaurin Art Gallery in Ayr, which is currently holding an exhibition of Howson's work, expected the art world to take huge interest in the auction.

She said: "It is going to be very exciting.

"There will be competition and a lot of phone bids. They will be throwing bids in – especially on the stuff on David Bowie as he is the man of the hour.

"Howson is very significant – he is an internationally renowned artists. For our exhibition I had phone calls from all over, including a man in Dubai who didn't want to miss the exhibition. His work has sold extraordinary well – around three quarters of the pieces in our exhibition have sold."

Terry Howson's collection will go under the hammer without reserve price on Sunday, April 28.