The police officer who took an abandoned baby to hospital after she was found on a bench has urged the mother to come forward as she visited the newborn girl.

Pc Charlotte Work said she was honoured to find out that the baby was named after her as she visited Simpson's Centre for Reproductive Health at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to deliver a soft toy.

The baby slept in the police officer's arms as they posed for pictures.

Pc Work said: "It's great to see her again and to see that she's doing so well. I brought her a little Jemima Puddleduck toy as I had one when I was a little kid and it was my favourite. I wanted to get her something quite special.

"What I did is just part of my job but I'm absolutely honoured that she's been named after me and I'm just really pleased to see her doing so well.

"It's important that we trace Charlotte's mother and ensure she receives all the necessary medical attention and support she requires. I would urge her to get in touch with her doctor, attend at hospital or contact police so we can make sure she is safe and well.

"Similarly, we would like anyone with information that can assist us with our inquiries to contact Police Scotland on 101 immediately."

Charlotte was found by a passer-by in Hailesland Park in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh last Thursday. There was no sign of the baby's mother in the area and police are continuing to check CCTV in an attempt to trace her.

Medical staff have advised that she will need medical attention.

Charlotte was only days old when she found. She was discovered by Lawrence Liddell when he walked past the bench on the way to his mother's house. He took her to the concierge in nearby flats and called the police.

Pc Work then took the newborn to hospital where staff say she is doing well.

NHS Lothian chief midwife Maria Wilson said: "Charlotte had a very good weekend and has been sleeping and feeding well. She is a really good little baby. She's lovely.

"It's unusual circumstances but the staff are enjoying looking after her along with all the other babies and she's being well cared for."

Last week Mr Liddell said he was shocked to find the baby on the bench behind Kilncroft Stair while out with a friend.

"We really couldn't believe it when we found the baby. It was a really tiny newborn wrapped up in a blanket. She wasn't wearing anything underneath. She wasn't crying and she didn't appear to be in any kind of distress," he said.

"We think the mother must have wanted the child to be found, judging by where she had left it. Thank goodness the baby was found unharmed. I hope the mother is found. Who knows what kind of a state she is in."

Charlotte weighed 5.7lb (2.6kg) when she arrived at the hospital and has had all the routine newborn checks. She is also being treated with antibiotics as a precaution, NHS Lothian said.

Hospital staff and police have been appealing for the baby's mother to contact them.

Mrs Wilson said: "We're actively encouraging the mother to contact us and I'd like to reassure her that if she does get in touch, we will treat that absolutely confidentially and give her any support that she requires."