David Cameron has been mocked for refusing to name the UK Independence Party (Ukip) during an interview, amid Conservative nervousness about the English local elections results.

However, in a move widely seen as an attempt to out-flank Ukip, Mr Cameron made the surprise announcement he would try to introduce an EU referendum Bill in this parliament.

The Bill has been a key demand from eurosceptics, many of whom fear losing their seats to Ukip at the next General Election.

Party insiders insist this week's result will have little bearing on the next General Election, pointing to the fact that last time the same local elections were held was in 2009, at the height of public dissatisfaction with Labour.

But many Conservatives are nervous about the impact of Ukip, which is predicted to take swathes of seats from the party.

Mr Cameron had claimed he would not bash Ukip, despite previously describing them as "fruitcakes and loonies".

Leader Nigel Farage has said he welcomed "abuse" from the party's rivals.