A PSYCHIATRIST told a court of the moment she thought she was going to die when a man with bipolar disorder pulled her towards an open window.

Dr Monica Keenan had gone to her patient Alexander McMahon's flat after learning he was becoming increasingly unwell.

When she and two of her colleagues arrived to see what they could do for the 47-year-old and decided he was to be detained, he swallowed the key to his flat and barricaded them in.

After opening his living room window he pulled Dr Keenan towards it. She told procurator-fiscal depute Mark Allan: "I remember clearly thinking 'this is how I am going to die'."

Mr McMahon dragged Dr Keenan across the floor and cut her chin and throat with a smashed pint glass.

Dr Keenan was giving evidence at the examination of facts at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Sam Cathcart ruled that Mr McMahon assaulted Dr Keenan and behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and making threats towards her and her colleagues in his flat and barricading the door.

However, he said Mr McMahon was "not criminally responsible" for his actions.

He deferred the case until next month.