A BREAST cancer surgeon who has raised more than £50,000 for research into the disease has paid tribute to his "truly remarkable" patients who put him up for an OBE.

Professor Mike Dixon, of the Western General Infirmary in Edinburgh, has embarked on numerous marathons and long-distance runs for charity while also aiming to promote the benefits of good health and fitness.

He most recently completed the Edinburgh marathon as part of a relay team – called Mike's Marvels – and also finished the Great North Run and the Great Scottish Run.

Professor Dixon said: "I am pleased to get the award not just for me, but the team I work with and most important, I am grateful to my patients.

"This award is not because of what I have done for the hospital, they did not know about it and they did not propose me. It is an award my patients have got me by barraging the awards people.

"They are truly remarkable. They have survived breast cancer, they have survived surgery by me and they have the enthusiasm for life and the positivity to want to thank me for being part of the very large team that helped them survive.

"The award is recognition for my family and the close team I work with here. They have all sacrificed time and effort for me. I am a very fortunate person to have them invest such time. Long live the NHS."

Professor Dixon's next challenge is an Edinburgh to Glasgow bike run this summer.