A FRESH case of Legionnaire's disease has been identified.

The latest case in Renfrew brings the total number of people infected with the potentially fatal disease to six.

Health officials continue to search for a source of the outbreak, which began last month. They have treated all cooling towers within four miles of patients' homes with chemicals to kill any Legionella bacteria as a precaution.

Legionnaires' disease is contracted from inhaling infected water droplets, usually from water cooling towers, air conditioning systems and showers.

The latest person to have contracted the disease is said to have a mild form of the illness and has been responding well to treatment at home.

The previously reported five cases have now all recovered and been discharged from hospital.

Dr Gillian Penrice, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Consultant in Public Health, said: "Given the two-week incubation period of the disease it was always a possibility some further cases might be identified. I am pleased, however, that this individual has a mild form of the disease and is responding well to treatment at home.

"All the cases have had some connection to the Renfrew area and investigations into a possible source are ongoing in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive, Health Protection Scotland, Renfrewshire Council and other local authorities."