DAVID CAMERON is heading to the west coast of Scotland for his annual summer holidays.

The Prime Minister, who is in the midst of a campaign against independence, will enjoy his self-styled pursuit of chillaxing in the area, although his exact destination has not been disclosed.

The Cameron family, including wife Samantha and their three children, will head north of the Border later this summer before an official visit traditionally made by prime ministers with the Queen to Balmoral in August.

The Prime Minister has enjoyed family holidays in Scotland in the past, including on Jura where Viscount Astor, his wife's stepfather, owns a 20,000-acre shooting estate.

However, it is thought to be a number of years since he last took a family break in Scotland. Last year he went to Cornwall for his summer holidays and he has already been, somewhat controversially, to Ibiza this year.

The Prime Minister's trip should offer some respite from the independence campaign, and there is little chance he will run into First Minister Alex Salmond. Downing Street sources hinted that the Prime Minister's holiday home would be secluded and far from prying eyes.

There is also little risk of bumping into Nick Clegg, despite the Deputy Prime Minister admission last week that both he and Mr Cameron would be taking their summer holidays at the same time this year.

Mr Clegg is expected to travel to Spain, as he does every year, to spend time with his wife's family.

For his part, Labour leader Ed Miliband will also be abroad, travelling to France with his family.

The Conservative leader believes that one consequence of his trip to Scotland will be that it helps to prove how personally passionate he is about keeping Scotland in the UK. His holiday will come just over 12 months before voters cast their ballots in next year's independence referendum

The Prime Minister will hope he will receive better publicity from this summer's holiday than he has from previous trips.

He faced criticism earlier this year when pictures were taken of him in Ibiza on a week's family holiday just days after the horrific murder of soldier Lee Rigby, 25, in Woolwich, South East London.

His relaxed pose beside the back was contrasted with that of the soldier's grief-stricken widow.

On another foreign trip, a waitress claimed that Mr Cameron, who earns more than £140,000 a year, was a bad tipper.

Mr Cameron has recently been mocked for mastering the art of 'chillaxing', which he says involves separating his work life from his private pursuits.

However, he has been defended by MPs who insist he has a tough job and that it is good for the country if he is allowed the chance to relax and unwind.

By holidaying in Scotland the Prime Minister should also face fewer questions about who is in charge of the country.

Mr Clegg has said other cabinet ministers will "hold the fort" while he and Mr Cameron are away. But Downing Street insists that it is always the Prime Minister who remains in charge, no matter where he and his family decide to go on holiday.