The Duchess of Cambridge was hoping for a son and her wish has come true.

When she was mid way through her pregnancy, Kate told a soldier at a St Patrick's Day parade in Aldershot, Hampshire, that she did not know the sex of her baby, but that she would like a boy and the Duke of Cambridge a girl.

Guardsman Lee Wheeler, 29, said: "I was talking to her about the baby, of course. "I asked her 'Do you know if it's a girl or boy?', and she said 'Not yet'.

"She said 'I'd like to have a boy and William would like a girl'. That's always the way."

Rumours that Kate actually knew she was having a boy went into overdrive when she divulged to a group of Army wives she had bought a trendy Bugaboo pram in light blue.

It was also claimed Prince Harry told close friends the royal couple were expecting a boy.

Initially, however, it was thought the new royal baby was a girl.

During a visit to Grimsby in March, Kate apparently let slip that she was expecting a daughter.

Accepting a teddy bear from a member of the public, she was said to have replied "Oh is this for our d...? Thank you so much."

Bookmakers slashed the odds on the baby being a girl, while others suspended bets altogether.

But other footage suggested Kate actually said "Is this for us? Aw" instead.

Asked by a well-wisher whether her baby had been kicking, Kate also replied "Yes, he is, very much so."

A month before Kate was due to give birth, sources said that Kate and William did not find out the sex and wanted a surprise.

The public was left guessing until the official Palace announcement of the birth finally confirmed the arrival of a son.

The last prince to be born to the royal family was technically William's cousin James, known as Viscount Severn, in 2007.

But his parents the Earl and Countess of Wessex decided, with the Queen's agreement, that their children would use the courtesy titles of sons or daughters of an Earl rather than the style prince or princess.

The last royal baby to use the title Prince was Prince Harry who was born 28 years ago.