Scots homeowners moving to a new house have faced the biggest increase in prices in the UK over the past decade, new research said.

A study by the Bank of Scotland found the average price paid by those moving home had increased by 54% over the period, a greater rise than anywhere else in the UK.

The latest figures, for the year ending June 2013, showed those moving home paid an average of £170,534 for their new property, compared to £110,952 in 2003.

The Bank of Scotland Homemovers Review alsofound it had got slightly more affordable for people to move up the housing ladder to their second home in the past year.

But the situation for so-called "second steppers" was still much harder than it was a decade ago.

In June this year the average cost of a second home, minus equity from a current property, was 3.9 times gross annual average earnings. This was a slight improvement from June last year, when it was four times average earnings, but a decline in affordability when compared with a ratio of 2.6 in 2003.

Typically, those looking to move to their second home would have been first-time buyers in 2008 with an estimated £13,985 of equity in their property, about 10% of the average cost of a semi-detached house.