He'd served his two-match ban, and it was time to return: Tam Cowan was back on Scotland's national airwaves today with a typical show of chutzpah...and a hint of contrition.

Cowan re-appeared in the hot seat at Off the Ball on BBC Radio Scotland following his ban from presenting the show two weeks ago after the publication of his controversial column about women's football in the Daily Record.

Today, one of the programme's three main talking points was: Regrets, I've had a few, allowing Cowan to say sorry on air, adding: "There's nothing to be gained by offending people...that's fruitless.

"I've made my peace with the Scottish Women's Football Association."

However, he also cracked a number of trademark jokes around the ban and paid a backhanded compliment to the Sunday Herald, which broke the story about his BBC ban two weeks ago, saying: "That kept it away from the large majority of the Scottish public. It's could've gone to a big paper and that would have been terrible,  so thank you for the support."

The outdated bile of Tam Cowan

He revealed he had turned down requests to appear on several programmes to discuss the ban, including Newsnight Scotland, Scotland Tonight, and ITV's Loose Women, which he suggested - apparently in jest - was sexist.

Cowan paid tribute to Off the Ball, saying: "The listeners...have been brilliant.  It's been a weird and wacky couple of weeks but it's good to be back."

Earlier this week, the BBC lifted his suspension, saying: "We've had several discussions with Tam following his newspaper column and he has made it clear to us that he made a serious error of judgement, for which he has apologised. He has also been reminded of his responsibilities as a broadcaster for BBC Scotland."